[FROM THE PAPER] Who is Gary Johnson?

Laura Creighton - Deputy Politics Editor

During the 2016 Presidential Election, Gary Johnson was heralded as the sanest man in the election and received the presidential endorsement from the Chicago Tribune.

Spending eight years as governor of New Mexico, he gained popularity among younger people, and put the Libertarian party on the map.

Some may describe him as blissfully, or woefully, ignorant of certain major issues, such as the world we live in.

Famously asking what (not where) Aleppo is on MSNBC, as well as failing to name any world leader on the same network. He just doesn’t care about world affairs.

Realistically, this lack of curiosity was always going to diminish his chances of making waves in the election, especially considering the massive names attributed to his two main competitors, however it would have been a pleasant world to imagine, compared to the one we’re currently facing.

After all, you can’t ban a nation from entering your country if you don’t know where it is.

He also has some issues when it comes to fiscal policy, hoping to abolish federal income tax, and replace tax codes. He admits his policies can be seen as controversial, but defends his position, saying his policies reflect the severity of the dangers facing the USA. Unsurprisingly, his libertarianism is reflected in his policies on abortion, and gay marriage.

He has also in the past publicly accused Donald Trump of racism, and also came out strongly against stop and frisk, calling it unconstitutional.

This candour, and willingness to uphold his beliefs, is the reason Gary came a very respectable third in the 2016 election, achieving 3.2% of the popular vote, just 1.8% shy of the 5% needed to get federal funding in 2020. This is however a massive increase in the votes he achieved in his 2012 campaign, painting a picture of possible future success in not only his campaigns, but his party’s as a whole.

US “You can’t ban a nation from entering your country if you don’t know where it is” politics is an ever evolving beast, especially nowadays, so who can tell what else may happen in the future?

With this clear upward trend, Gary Johnson for president 2020 anyone?

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