[FROM THE PAPER] Why Is The TV License Important?

Caitlin Mclaren

One of the most forgotten parts of Uni life is the dreaded TV License. So why is it important? Well, if you’re looking to watch your favourite programmes live on telly and get access to BBC IPlayer then you should consider getting one. The cost can be one factor that swings you into not purchasing a license, not to worry there are a selection of options from paying monthly to annually to make sure that you are covered.

So what will you be missing if you don’t get one? Well, BBC Three recently moved to IPlayer permanently meaning you can’t access these highly addictive shows:

Reggie Yates

Reggie travels around the world to document on pressing matters that we may never have heard of without him. Pressing issues such as poverty in South Africa to Homophobia are analysed and inform us wholeheartedly as Yates gets in right in the action.


Ivy Moxam manages to escape from her kidnapper who held her captive for thirteen years. She has to adapt her life back to how it was before she was taken. She runs into a number of problems though as the world has aged around her.

Life and Death Row

Follow the lives of those who are awaiting their death as they’ve been convicted of their crimes. The twist of this documentary, however, is that the people whose death has been decided are young adults and they speak about how they feel about their ultimate punishment.

This is only a few from a massive selection online which you will have access to. Inspections may commence throughout the year so make sure whether you live in halls or rented accommodation that you are covered.

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