FROM THE PAPER: Why we love Twitter

by Vanessa King - reporter

Later this month, Twitter celebrates its 10th anniversary. With over 350 million active users and overtaking Facebook as the most popular social networking site, it is important to celebrate why we love Twitter so much.

1. Stalking

Nothing beats a cheeky stalk on Twitter. Before Twitter, you was faced with the dilemma whether to Facebook add someone or not to have a nosey at their stuff. But the most wonderful thing about Twitter is most people’s profile is public. So when your best friend’s ex gets a new boyfriend a cheeky Twitter search of them is a must, without them being any of the wiser. What a social-networking revelation.

2. Ranting

Being university students, ranting is never uncommon. Whether it’s stressing over a deadline or drama of a drink being spilt over you in the club, a good vent usually happens. Twitter was the first social networking-site that ranting was deemed socially-acceptable. If you did the same on Facebook you’d probably come across weird. We’re all for the green light on Twitter ranting, just wish it was in more than 140 characters.

3. Celebrity spats

It’s not only us who get our claws out, even celebrities do too. But it is even better when they go in on each other. Over the last 10 years, Twitter has staged many celebrity spats. One that really stands out is the feud between Sir Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan. The spat has been ongoing for quite a few years, giving Twitter users gold internet entertainment.

4. Interacting with celebrities

When celebrities aren’t arguing with other celebrities on Twitter, they sometimes interact with fans. Twitter became the first global site that encouraged communication with the famous. So your little sister’s best friend may annoy you spamming Harry Styles with 100 tweets an hour, but you can’t say you’re not jealous when she finally gets a tweet back. If you’ve ever been tweeted by a celebrity you are guaranteed to have liked it, leaving a little smile on your face every time you look back.

5. Instant news

Moving over from smiling like an idiot when some z-lister celebrity likes your tweet, there are more things Twitter is important for, instant news being one. So you have missed The X Factor Final and want to know who has won, you simply search #TheXFactor into Twitter and BAM you know the result. Twitter is becoming quite a popular search engine and you can’t deny you’ve opted to use Twitter instead of Google, once or twice.

6. Privacy from family

When Twitter and Facebook became social media giants in 2008, relatives soon caught on to the trend by making Facebook accounts. This meant you had think about what you posted and shared to not embarrass yourself and give the wrong impression to your relatives, no matter how distant they are. Twitter however, has not caught on to this trend, leaving you free to tweet whatever you want.

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