FROM THE PAPER: Writer Steven Moffat to Leave Doctor Who

By Joe Young - Deputy Culture Editor

Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat at Comic Com in 2013

It was recently announced that controversial Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat is set to leave the show. We asked two Pluto reporters what they thought of this change.

The Change is a Bad Thing – Emma Marie

In his time with Doctor Who Moffat wrote many now iconic stories such as “The Empty Child” which delved into the darker side of the series, the BAFTA wining “Blink” which introduced a new monster to the show, the Weeping Angels, now a fan favourite despite the numerous nightmares they may have caused.
As well as doing much for the monsters of Doctor Who, Moffat has introduced many new and compelling companions. The first of which made his debut in the before mentioned story “The Empty Child” this being Captain Jack Harkness, who was the first openly non-heterosexual character within the show. Jack Harkness became such a beloved character that he was awarded the lead in the Doctor Who spinoff “Torchwood”. Moffat is also responsible for the creation of companions Amy and Rory who as a young couple travelled alongside the Doctor. Being a pair of companions this brought an inteQresting dynamic to Doctor Who that had not been seen so well developed previously.
The departure of Moffat from the Doctor Who series has sparked strong reactions from the fandom with many citing it as an end of an era. Thanks to the impact that Moffat’s writing has had one thing that can be said for certain is that Doctor Who will never be the same again.

The Change is a Good Thing – Leah Derham-Boyce

Steven Moffat has been head writer for Doctor Who for six years, and I’ve hated almost every minute of it. Moffat took over for good ol’ Russell T Davis in 2010, having established himself with an excellent track-record for writing great stuff – like the Girl in the Fireplace, with the clockwork robots, and The Empty Child (“are you my mummy?”) and the initially terrifying (though now, worn-out) Weeping Angels. But, since he took a lead role, Moffat has routinely betrayed my trust and destroyed my love of Doctor Who; he tries, unsuccessfully, to turn pop-culture on its head.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to give credit where it’s due. He had a few good episodes, and he has demonstrated that he is great at building suspense. But he doesn’t know what to do with the suspense. He just resolves storylines with painful loopholes which undermine the characters and destroy your faith in his ability craft storylines. Like in the episode “Rings of Akhaten”, where the Doctor saves the day by shouting at a sentient planet about a leaf.
No, I am not sad to see him go. He ruined Doctor Who for me, and once he is gone, I will be able to start watching again. Best of luck, but you won’t be missed.


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