“Fundamental My Successor Wins” Says Man Who Lost 7 Elections

Joe Young - Politics Editor

Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has said it is “fundamental” that his successor, Paul Nuttall, wins the Stoke Central by-election.

Nuttall has come under fire increasingly for his numerous gaffes during the campaign, including:

  • Lying about being at Hillsborough
  • Lying about personal friends dying at Hillsborough
  • Lying about being on the board of the North West Training Council
  • Lying about having a PhD
  • Lying about playing professional football
  • Stating the NHS must be privatised
  • Potentially committing electoral fraud through voter deception

Nuttall then skipped two hustings (question the candidates sessions) within the constituency, and UKIP groups put out literature within the constituency describing UKIP as ‘Christian Soldiers’ and the EU as ‘spiritual treason.


Farage said,

“I don’t think anybody for one moment can underplay just how important and absolutely fundamental that by-election is for the futures of both the Labour Party and indeed UKIP.

“It matters and it matters hugely. I know that Paul has had a very difficult week. Fighting by-elections is not much fun — it’s a rough old game. I do believe that we are going to win this by-election.”

This comes as Farage withdraws his support from Stoke after disagreements over the way the campaign has been ran – presumably, this means Nuttall, who was the bookies’ favourite, has caused disagreements because Farage’s preferred campaigning technique is losing.

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