Glastonbury Tickets: Is There Any Point?


By Caitlin Mclaren – Chief Culture Reporter

I’ve been an avid festival goer for years now with the idea that I will be able to be guaranteed to see bands that I want to see all in one amazing weekend (with a wristband to top it off!). One thing I’ll never understand is the ability to buy tickets for a festival, that will no doubt sell out in a few minutes, for a line up that you won’t even know until a few months later?

Glastonbury 2016 comes on sale to the general public at 9am on Sunday 4th October, for those who are travelling to the festival via coach there is a chance to get your tickets a few days earlier on Thursday 1st October. Famous for it’s mud, rain and great music, it truly is the heart of all British festivals and has a name to live up to. The announcement of the tickets coming on sale in October without even a sniff of a rumour of who might be playing seems  that there might actually be a lack of actual music fans going.

The line up is truly what a festival is all about, there is always a band that sticks out in your mind that you’re dying to see! That excitement builds up the mood of the whole weekend, how can you be excited for something when you don’t even know what it’s going to contain?

I would never go to Glastonbury, for what seems like the ultimate festival goal for some people feels like a field of fakes to me. The whole festival in itself seems like bragging rights other than actually attending for the music. Sure, it may be possible that once people get there the vibe is good and not as pretentious as I imagine. Beyond that, whilst being broadcast on TV Glastonbury goers have the cleanest bunch of faces I’ve seen in a crowd who are supposed to be roughing it out for the whole weekend. The camping part is what makes the festival, by looking rough and full of mud not a face full of make up and a fashion statement outfit. Saying that, there are a few dedicated fans of the festival and more importantly the music, who do it the right way with friends, booze and lack of hygiene. I’ve always found that festivals were an escape, the chance to be free for a weekend without having to care what others think. Glastonbury on the other hand shows that fashion and looking good is a big part of attending the festival, all the more reason to be self conscious whilst supposed to be having fun.

There are more festivals to attend that are a lot cheaper and won’t sell out, they announce the line up and have plenty of tickets available. Sometimes festivals manage to announce similar acts to Glastonbury, even sometimes having the previous year’s headliners as their own! Even festivals with smaller bands playing are renowned for their good time, there are plenty more options to go to than the obvious.

If Glastonbury does seem your type of festival and you’re looking forward to next year’s festival then tickets will be available via their website!

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