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Pokémon, the TV series, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and to commemorate the momentous occasion, a feature length film has been released, ‘Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!’ 

The film is a retelling of the pilot episode, which sees ten-year-old protagonist Ash Ketchum, as he begins his Pokémon journey. After being late to decide which starter Pokémon would be his, he ends up with an electric Pokémon, Pikachu. The two of them start the journey not seeing eye to eye but overtime their friendship grows stronger.

I really enjoyed watching Ash’s development and seeing him progress to a strong character by the end of the film. Furthermore, I enjoyed the addition of newly introduced character Verity. I loved her from the start and I enjoyed her relationship with Ash as the film progressed.

However, I didn’t like the introduction of new character, Sorrel. I felt his character to be bland and to lack development in comparison to Ash and Verity. The appearances of characters like Nurse Joy and Professor Oak were definitely needed and made the film that more special.

Overall, I thought the film was outstanding. It was able to distance itself from the original story line but still have similar elements from the original series. The film hooked me from start to finish. As well, I adored the touching moments that where seen throughout the film. I would recommend this film to any Pokémon fan out there and if you do watch it, try and distance yourself from the original story told.

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