Halloween Costume Ideas


By Georgie Clark


If, like me, you are totally and utterly obsessed with everything Halloween related, then you too will be meticulously planning every tiny detail of your costume for the big night. Haven’t decided yet and desperately don’t want to resort to the classic yet not at all frightening cat/Wonder Woman? Have no fear (yet), read on for our guide to Halloween Costume Ideas.

1. Bride of Chucky (Tiffany Rae)

The wife of the notorious Good Guy doll killer, Chucky, is both glamorous and easy to achieve. She simply wears a wedding dress, biker jacket, black boots and thick, dark make up. To complete the look, a drawn on love heart containing her true love’s name (Chucky) on the chest and a beauty spot is all that is required. Make up tutorials are available across Youtube to acquire the most accurate look. You will need:

• a blonde wig (unless you are blonde, obviously)
• biker jacket
• white dress
• biker boots
• false eyelashes
• weapon of choice

2. The Crack Fox (The Mighty Boosh)

Yes, it sounds extremely weird if you are not a Boosh fan, but this outfit is probably the easiest and cheapest of any character to achieve. As the name suggests, fox make up/ears would be required, along with the infamous and bizarre syringes for hands. A red jacket and bandages around the legs complete this extremely original costume. You will need:

• gloves
• fake syringes (that would ideally have to be sellotaped/glued to the fingers of the gloves)
• fox ears
• black leggings
• bandages
• red jacket
• sweat band (for your head)

3. Wednesday Addams

Pretty predictable but again, extremely easy. All black clothes, infamous long black plaits and a neutral face areall that is required. However, feel free to vamp the simple

look up with dark lipstick and false eyelashes to obtain an overall more dramatic feel to the costume. You will need:

• black dress with white collar
• long black wig/black spray for hair

That’s it!

Halloween Costume Ideas, Wednesday Addams
4. Dwight Schrute

Not at all scary but always a favourite, Dwight is the geeky manipulator that makes the U.S. Office the hilarious work of art that it is. Get the whole party intently discussing bears, beets and Battlestar Gallactica. You will need:

• a yellow, short- sleeved shirt
• a tie
• brown trousers
• glasses
• middle parting to end all middle partings
• possible beetroot

If you’re still not sure then check out our Halloween On a Budget post from last year, just click “here“.

Happy Halloween!

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