Halloween Makeup Ideas – Dead Schoolgirl…

Halloween Makeup Ideas

By Emili Peake

On a budget and in need of makeup ideas for halloween? Look no further!
As with all makeup – please make sure you check the labels for any ingredients that you may be allergic to or have personal values against. Always start with a clean face and make sure your hair is out of the way.

Dead Schoolgirl, Dead Doctor, Dead Mechanic, Dead Bride. Anything Dead!

The dead look goes with almost any costume!
All you need is white face paint, dark eye shadow and fake blood.

Here's What I Used
Here’s What I Used

Now I could tell you how to create fake blood, but for the cost of the ingredients and time, its a lot easier to nip down to one of many pound shops in Preston. In fact, if youre really skint you dont even need a white base!

Firstly, make sure that you are wearing either an old top or your costume already. Fake Blood washes off skin very easy, but can be difficult in fabrics.

Using a make up sponge, lightly paint your face white. Dont go too white – unless you want to look like a ghost. Make sure you cover any flesh showing – neck, shoulders, arms etc.

Lightly Covered Base
Lightly Covered Base

Next, using a dark eye shadow and a large brush, drag the brush from the inner corner of your eye to underneath – yes, exaggerating those bags under your eyes! Keep it dark at the corner and fade off towards the edge of your eye.

Using the same brush and colour, draw a line on your cheek bones and blend in underneath.

Shadowing On Your Face
Shadowing On Your Face

Now here comes the fun part! The blood! Bought from the pound shop in Fishergate shopping centre – I use a spray bottle so it spreads easier on the skin.

If this is your first time its best to apply the blood in the shower.
If you are looking for splatter patterns – hold the spray bottle far away. Add in a couple of lines (cuts) by moving the bottle as you spray.
Do not wipe the blood – it will make your skin go pink!
Using the end of the spray pipe, drip the blood from eyes, ears and mouth.
Please remember to check the labels, not all fake blood is edible, and keep it out of your eyes.
If you dont have a spray bottle, another useful technique would be to flick the blood onto your skin using your finger tips.
To finish, mess up your hair and growl!

Grrr, Dead Girl Look
Grrr, Dead Girl Look





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