Halloween Makeup Ideas – Sugar Skull

Halloween Makeup Ideas
 By Emili Peake

On a budget and in need of makeup ideas for halloween?
Look no further! As with all makeup – please make sure you check the labels for any ingredients that you may be allergic too or have personal values against. Always start with a clean face and make sure your hair is out of the way.

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull
Originating from Mexico, the Candy Skull is the perfect Halloween make-up if you want to stay classy whilst out. A Sugar Skull generally have large eyes, a stitched mouth and a black nose. Once you have these basics you are limited by your imagination. Search “Sugar Skull”on google to get your inspiration and let your creative side flow! For this look you will need base face paint, another colour face paint of your choice and your eyeliner. Face paints can be found online or at the fancy dress shop in St George’s Arcade for approximately £3-£5. Optional Items include mascara and head scarf.

Here's What I Used
Here’s What I Used

Start by applying the white base to the circle of your face – no need to extend down to the neck.You want to aim for a fully white face, however, white face paint can be very difficult to apply thickly and evenly – so layer it on in stages using a brush. You will need to cover your eyelids and your mouth.

Applying the base
Applying the base

Whilst you are waiting for the white base to dry wash the brushes throughly Using the colour of your choice, fill in the cavities of your eyes, right up to the top of your eyebrows.

Colouring your eyes
Colouring your eyes

Using the eyeliner/black face paint and a thin brush – outline the eyes  and draw a black triangle for a nose. For the mouth, start with two lines horizontal alongside your mouth line to create a wider mouth. draw horizontal lines along your lips and these lines to create stitches on the mouth. 

Adding the basic designs
Adding the basic designs

Thats the basics!! Once youve done this you can embellish your face to your hearts content! Finish your face off with mascara and a head scarf.

Customise, Customise!
Customise, Customise!

Send In Your Pictures To Pluto of your attempts of Sugar Skull designs or your other makeup ideas!

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