Happy Birthday Mr Bean!

Mr Bean

by Caitlin Mclaren- Chief Culture Reporter

A quarter of a century ago, Mr Bean first graced our screens. The timeless classic turns 25 today and to many it is the greatest British comedy despite there only ever actually being 14 episodes made. From the goofy, lovable character that Rowan Atkinson portrayed, there has since been 2 films and an animated series.

Today, Rowan Atkinson took to the stage once again dressing up as Mr Bean and was seen in various locations around London in his iconic green mini. He drove past Buckingham Palace through St. James Park and down to a shopping centre. The whole facade was a homage to a sketch in which Mr Bean manages to cram items from a January sale into his tiny motor.

Mr Bean is a childhood classic for many throughout generations and it is guaranteed to never wear thin as audiences are always fascinated and amused by the character. It simply is just a prime example of British comedy, the slapstick humour beckons. It will always be important as a comedy as it has influenced and will influence many more! Not to mention the amount of fun people have when watching it. It’s not just for children either, it’s a barrel of laughs for all ages.

After many years, Bean will continue to make people laugh as it’s rumoured that there will be another film to follow the franchise named ‘Old Bean’.

Hopefully, we will be seeing more of Mr Bean very soon, even if we don’t, just stick an old episode on for a few giggles!

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