Have X-Factor officials made the wrong decision?


By Lucy Hill – Chief Lifestyle Reporter


Floppy-haired, happy go lucky and all round entertainer? Or just plain irritating?

Nick Grimshaw has quite clearly divided opinion across the nation over the past few years, since replacing Chris Moyles on BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show.

Grimshaw is yet to cause more discussion between the general public after it was announced he will appear on the X- Factor judging panel this year. He will judge alongside the also newly appointed Rita Ora, Cheryl Cole and the forbidding Simon Cowell.

Many have expressed frustration that he is simply ‘unfit’ for the job. Many people are worried that he doesn’t have the right attitude to judge accurately and will make decisions likely to hinder contestants.

Personally I do not think he will be able to cope with the constant pressures from the people around him. Grimshaw has struggled in his time at Radio 1 despite his production team introducing new ideas to boost ratings. Listening figures have drastically reduced-having attracted 6.69m listeners every week in its first full quarter – down from 6.73m last quarter and 7.24m last year.

nickMoreover, has he ever experienced what it is like to be in the contestants’ shoes? Has he forged a career as an artist? No he hasn’t.

At least Louis Walsh can vouch for his renowned success with Westlife even if the boyband only ever did covers of songs by other artists.

Nick Grimshaw does not have the expertise on what makes a ‘good performance’, a ‘great recording voice’, or as Louis would say ‘THE NEXT BIG BOYBAND!’

The 30-year-old however does present a radio show and work in the world of music for a living. So many would agree that he’s got some sort of knowledge of what makes a star.

Grimshaw is expected to receive a whopping £1 million to be on the show, but it is said he and fellow newbie Rita Ora are ‘in it’ merely for the added exposure.

Let us not forget Rita Ora’s arrival to the panel which is just as controversial considering she supposedly slagged off  the X Factor during a rant about how great The Voice was, and the fact that her other work has reduced the number of live shows available this year.

Surely Cowell and the ITV board of directors should have chosen a judge who had the time to dedicate to the show? It also begs the question should Grimshaw be allowed to carried on with his radio who whilst completing his X-factor stint?

You could say that the whole show has always been a bit farcical and hasn’t changed much since it started over ten years ago.

Maybe all this controversy is an attempt to give the show a much needed makeover, with more youth and eccentricity being added.

All I can say is, good luck trying to ‘up’ the ratings for the show this year.

You’ll need it Cowell.

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