Her Majesty: 20 Facts About the Queen

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Happy official birthday, Your Majesty! To celebrate, here are 20 facts about the Queen:

  1. In 2016, the Queen celebrated her Official Birthday on 11th June
  2. The Monarch has an Official Birthday in the summer as King George II’s birthday was in November, so weather conditions would make it difficult to celebrate
  3. The Queen was actually born on 21st April 1926
  4. She was born in Mayfair in London, and was born by caesarean section (C-section)
  5. Her Majesty was a Girl Guide
  6. The Queen and Prince Philip are second cousins once removed via the Danish monarchy, and third cousins via Queen Victoria
  7. At their wedding, the Queen did her own make-up
  8. Her wedding ring comes is made of British-made Clogau gold
  9. She was the first monarch to visit China
  10. The Queen has her own breed of dog – dorgis are a cross between Corgis and Dachshunds
  11. She is the first monarch to ever receive a Gold Disc from the recording industry – 100,000 copies of Party at the Palace were sold within a week of release
  12. Her Majesty made her first public speech at the age of 14 on BBC Radio’s Children’s Hour
  13. Every Prime Minister since the millenium has been born under Elizabeth II’s reign
  14. She has answered around 3.5 million letters during her reign
  15. The Queen has 30 godchildren
  16. Since taking the throne, she has signed over 3,500 Acts of Parliament
  17. Even the Queen loses her temper – she was filmed in 1954 having a spat with Prince Philip. She later said, “I’m sorry for that little interlude, but, as you know, it happens in every marriage.”
  18. If the Queen wants to leave an occasion quickly, she places her handbag on the table as a non-verbal cue to her staff
  19. At 6:30PM on Wednesdays, she has a private audience with the Prime Minister. The PM and the Queen are the only people on the Earth to know what is said in these meetings
  20. She is the longest reigning monarch the United Kingdom has ever seen, and is the second longest reigning monarch in the world (after the King of Thailand)
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