Here Comes….Jurassic World 2

James Allen

‘Jurassic World 2,’ has been announced as the 5th iteration of the dinosaur dynasty; hoping to play off the success of the 2015 reboot.
‘Jurassic World,’ of the cult dinosaur series, made waves at the Box Office, grossing $1.6 billion. It would be foolish therefore, not to continue milking the cash cow, wouldn’t it?
Considering the number of movies in the franchise, some are questioning the value of using the same premise to make more money from a previous premise.
Other movie series’ such as ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Fast and Furious,’ ‘Saw,’ and ‘Star Wars’ have found success in releasing more than 6 or 7 movies apiece, however by clinging on to the success of an established ‘movieverse,’ there is always a danger of pushing the envelope a little too far.
By announcing a new ‘Jurassic’ movie, Universal Studios rely on the loyalty of not just fans of the previous blockbuster, but followers of Stephen Spielberg’s classics. Is there enough of a legacy to continue to attract both the new and old fans? A risk is being taken, and there is also concern among fans that the studio may continue to make movies purely for financial gain.
‘Jurassic Park III,’ released in 2001 was believed to be – at the time – the end of the era.
Modern cinema is progressively showing a trend of rebooting successful movie franchises to inject money into their studios. Take for example, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ Feeding off the mammoth success of the ‘Star Wars’ universe, it was regarded by some as a welcome return to the franchise, and as others by a money-grabbing rehash by a new studio.
Time will tell whether audiences will welcome yet another iteration of the franchise, or if the studios have run out of steam.
Alleged for release in June 2018, details of the movie are extremely sparse. ‘’Jurassic World 2’ will be directed by J. A. Bayona, yet the cast list and plot are yet to be confirmed.
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