Hillary Clinton Would Win Landslide in UK, Polls Suggest

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

US Presidential Candidates Donald Trump (left) and Hillary Clinton (right)

It’s impossible to not follow the US Election. Child of the political elite Hillary Clinton is against populist outsider Donald Trump. Current polls have Hillary winning the White House, but a Trump victory is not impossible. But today, we’re not talking about that. Back in Spring, there were five potential Presidential Candidates – Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democrats, and Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich for the Republicans. YouGov released a poll, that makes for interesting reading:

European voters would elect Hillary Clinton by a landslide


As the chart above shows, Hillary is exactly twice as popular as every other candidate, be it Republican or Democrat, put together in Europe. It’s intriguing as many see Europe as a socialist or social democratic continent, and with Bernie Sanders declaring himself a ‘democratic socialist’, it’d be expected by many that he’d storm to success.

On the whole, American politics is to the right of UK politics. It’s often been said that Bernie Sanders is a lot like Tony Blair, with Hillary Clinton having a lot in common with Conservatives like David Cameron or Theresa May, and republican candidates being more like Nigel Farage and other popular figures on the hard right.


Even more interestingly is the rhetoric used to describe the possible scenarios of a Trump victory and a Clinton victory. If Trump won, 46% of the population would feel afraid, 40% would feel disappointed, and a mere 3% would be happy – quite negative terms. In the Clinton camp, with 40% of the population agreeing, the word most used was “relieved”.

Conciliatory campaigning is something that happens a lot in the UK – in marginal constituencies, you get told “If you vote Liberal Democrat and not Labour then you’ll just get a Conservative MP – i.e. it’s better to have the lesser evil, which, when you consider 15% would feel “indifferent” to a Clinton victory, may be what the British actually think.

Either way, it’ll be an interesting one to watch!

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