Holidays are coming… to Preston

The Coca Cola Truck
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The truck came to Preston last Christmas

The Coca-Cola truck has become a sign of Christmas.

The “holidays are coming” advert featuring the famous red truck and Father Christmas is known across the county since its launch in 1995, and it is going back on tour.

The legendary truck will be taking 45 stops up and down the country starting on the 28th of November till the 23rd of December.

The first stop will be Elgin in Scotland before moving south towards Preston on its 4th stop on the tour. Finally it will end up at Wembley in London for the end of the tour.

The truck will be stopping in Preston on Saturday November 29 in the flag market from 1pm till 9pm so be sure to go down and see the surprises Coca-Cola have in store. You can also get a photo taken with the truck as 200,000 fans did last year.

The truck will be helping to kick off the festive season in Preston this year and get shoppers ready for the celebrations.



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