How Much Older?! Hollywood’s Age Gap

By Ashleigh Clarke - Reporter

Each year, more and more great Hollywood movies brace the cinema screen for yet another smash hit, but what’s got everybody talking isn’t the nail biting plot line, or even the tense action moments – it’s the dramatic age gap between the leading man and his leading lady.

Films such as Silver Linings Playbook starring actress Jennifer Lawrence, being just 23 at the time was paired with Hollywood hunk – Bradley Cooper who was 39. Both shared heaps of chemistry almost making you forget about their 16 year age gap. Due to this, they’ve both been cast together again romantically in Serena where they will play husband and wife.

Emma Stone is also another actress who is seemingly paired off with older men. Magic in the Moonlight where she was just 25 was paired with Colin Firth, and Gangster Squad saw her tally up with Sean Penn. Even though the films are brilliant, it’s still not enough to take away from the fact that there is 28 years between her and the men old enough to be her fathers.

While this seems to be a recurring theme, a new and up and coming film titled The Dressmaker starring Kate Winslet already has people talking. While the film is set in 1950’s Australia, it focuses on the tale of a woman who returns to her hometown to investigate the tragic circumstances that left her banished as a child. While this is all well and good, not only has the age gap got people shocked, but the twist in which the woman is older, and not the man has left people gasping.

Regarding these films, the age difference isn’t something that is part of the plot or mentioned as an ‘obstacle in their relationship’.

Actress Kate Winslet has stated that she’s not bothered by the age difference because it’s so often the other way around. While actor Liam Hemsworth felt differently, saying that he had qualms about accepting the role, feeling that he was “possibly too young”.

Even though this is the case, another actress – Maggie Gyllenhaal (37) recently revealed that she was turned down to play a role opposite a 55 year old male because she was considered “too old” to be involved with him romantically.

This says a lot about Hollywood’s standards in the modern day, do they feel the need to cast younger actresses to make the men seem more approachable and attractive, or because they need some sort of ‘eye candy’ to keep audiences interested? Whatever the case, it seems that Hollywood are very good at making us feel that tiny bit uncomfortable.


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