How The Gym’s Cardio Room Helped Me!

Caitlin Mclaren - Culture Editor

When I first joined UCLan, the one place I knew I was going to avoid like the plague would be the gym because I wasn’t confident enough to exercise in front of others because of weight issues, etc. But, when I heard about the cardio room then I took the induction just to see what the gym was like.

Now, I know that the dark room with flashing lights and loud music might be a bit daunting to some but in my eyes I seen it as the perfect place. I could exercise at my own pace without having the awful feeling that people are looking at me.

I was unhappy with my weight, and I always found the gym to be full of people who knew what they were doing but the more I’m going, the more I see that when people are that involved with their own routine that they aren’t actually looking at you. The Cardio Room helps you overcome this fear, I mean I started with really light exercise and now I can’t believe I enjoy going.

This has improved my weight loss rapidly and once I left my second year for summer, I felt lost without my free sports membership pass and had to find other ways to exercise. Once I got back into my routine when I got back, I started venturing my way out of the cardio room and I’m proud to say that I now also use the rowing machines. A big step from someone who’s only exercising was walking round to the takeaway!

I encourage those who feel self-conscious about their weight to join up and just start with what you feel comfortable with as baby steps, before you know it, you will feel yourself coming up with your own little fitness regimes.

Take something from UCLan, more than just a degree. A free membership isn’t something you get given everyday!

How do you feel about the Cardio Room? What were your experiences like? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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