How to Contour with the Barry M Contour Kit

Barry M

By Lucy Hill – Chief Lifestyle Reporter

Copious amounts of YouTube tutorials show different ways to contour, from using bronzer to define the cheekbones for a summer glow, all the way to emanating the Kardashian chiseled cheekbone look with a more defined, sharper contour.

As someone that had never used a contour kit before, or even attempted to add definition to their cheekbones, I was quite the rookie. The Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit was a new makeup venture for me, but I decided to give it a go.

In a lot of the videos I have seen on contouring, the vloggers made it clear that an angled or flat makeup brush, made specifically for contouring is necessary, but I didn’t have one of those to hand; instead I made do with a makeup brush from Posh.

I went about my usual makeup routine; moisturising and applying foundation first in order to turn my skin into a smooth surface for the powder.

Next step; let the cheek chiseling commence!

Barry M

The first step was highlighting by dusting the lightest coloured powder over the cheekbones, chin, length of the nose and up to the centre of the forehead.

Secondly, bronzing was done by sweeping the medium brown powder across the cheeks, forehead and nose; in areas where the sun would naturally hit.

The final step was to sculpt and define by applying the contour powder to the hollows of the cheeks, along the hairline and down the sides of the nose.

After these three steps, I had my very own contoured look nailed.

To intensify the bronzed look, add a hint of bronzing powder by sweeping it across the tops of the cheekbones for more of a glow.

The thing I loved most about this product is the soft texture of the powder, it’s kinder to the skin than others I have tried. I have particularly sensitive skin, so I would highly recommend this product for all skin types.

Beauty Score: 8/10


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