Hunger Games Midnight Launch!

Hunger games

Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 will be launched at midnight on Wednesday 18th November!

It’ll be the last of the 4-part collection, leaving down a massive hole for another book franchise to move into!


The story began with a reaping where children between 11-18 year old are selected from each district to join the hunger games, a brutal fight to the death with 23 others. When Primrose Everdeen gets picked out of the hat, her sister Katniss takes her place and promises to fight and come back alive. Once she does, this is where the second film begins as everyone believes she’s a figure for a revolution against the capitol which keeps putting the districts in this predicament. Once President Sno sees her as a flaw in her system, he tries to get rid of her by putting her back into the games for a second time. When she is rescued from a group of revolutionists, she begins to build her army and this sets up the final film.

The midnight launch will be happening in both the VUE and ODEON where you can see the final installment in glorious 3D.

May the odds be ever in your favour!

Are you excited for the final installment? Tweet or @UCLanPluto or comment below!

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