If Deadpool and Wolverine Are Crossing Over, Who’s Gonna Be Logan?!

Caitlin Mclaren

All this speculation often makes me think about the character of Wolverine and if Hugh Jackman could ever be replaced? In one sense, I think yes he could and there a list of people who might be able to pull it off…

But would the fans allow it? 

Anyways, here’s my list of potential candidates!

Tom Hardy


This one is an obvious call, Tom Hardy is literally perfection but also has the ability to transform into any character that he has been given, so grow those side burns out Tom and let’s see what you are made of!

Kit Harrington


The bastard needs to move on! Yes, I love Jon Snow and Game of Thrones but I think that Kit Harrington could have so much more potential plus he’s got the kickass beard in order to become the new Logan.

Jake Gyllenhaal


A bit of an odd choice, I know. But bare with me, everything I’ve seen Jake in, he has absolutely slayed. I think give him the opportunity to bulk up (once again!) and become a mutant! He would at least be an interesting choice.

What do you think? Leave a comment below on who your next Wolverine would be! 

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