Inside the SAC: Tom Daly – Activities and Participation Officer


By Hannah Mason – Media Officer

September is here and freshers is near so we spoke to the five members of the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) to find out a little more about them. As well as having their own individual roles, the SAC are elected officers who sit on the board of trustees. The board is responsible for approving motions passed at council, discussing Union strategy and ensuring the Union is financially stable.

This week it’s the turn of Tom Daly, the Activities and Participant Officer (APO). Tom is responsible for all the fun stuff at the Union, like the sports team and societies.

Question: What did you study and why did you chose that subject? 

I studied Sports Development and Enterprise. I picked it because when I finished my A-Levels I didn’t really want to go into education but got a job coaching in America and then came back and wanted to do a degree in it. 

Q: Why did you chose UCLan to study? 

It was the European city of sport for 2012, and when studying sport it made sense.

Q: What would you say your best achievement was whilst being a student? 

I’d say, the amount of contacts and opportunities I created for myself. I got out there and got involved with different things and managed to do some really cool stuff because of it. 

Q: Do you have an embarrassing story that you learnt from whilst you were a student? 

Where do we start? There are a number of embarrassing moments, usually involving alcohol and some sex related thing but I’ll try and stay appropriate. I would say, getting so drunk I couldn’t get into my house. I was banging on the door for my housemate to let me in, only to realise it wasn’t actually my house so the neighbours shouted at me. They were not happy with me for nearly breaking down their door. The next day I went and bought them a present to say sorry! There was also the time when I got an official noise complaint for being too loud at night with a particular… friend – but I won’t go into details. 

Q: Why did you choose to stand for APO? 

I got talked into it, at first I didn’t have any intention of going for it until after Christmas. It was the previous President Lee Mac and current President Josie Linsel who talked to me about it and said I’d be quite good because of all the work I had done with Ultimate Frisbee. 

Q: When did you know you wanted to be the APO?  

Honestly, I really knew I wanted to be APO the week after I was elected. I got the role and I doubted myself, I had a couple of other job offers and the more I thought about it I believed I could make a big impact in the role. 

Q: How is it going so far, is the role how you expected it? 

There’s a lot more to the role, but I did expect that and it’s a lot more than just doing your manifesto. There’s a lot of red tape you have to go around but I’m still finding my feet but I’m still pretty confident I’ll do a good job this year.

Q: Can you tell me about what you have been up to since you started? 

Done a lot of background research on other projects which are similar to what I want to do, as well as planning things like #LeaveALegacy, Out in Sport, Sports Ball and appointed a new Societies and Events Activator who I look forward to working with. 

Q: What do you think is the biggest achievement of last years APO, Josie Linsel? 

The development of sports and societies committees and the reformation of the funding structure for sports teams. 

Q: What are your key goals for this year?  

I want to improve the links between disability sports clubs and our union and to instil a sense of pride for who they’re representing within sports clubs and societies which is what #LeaveALegacy is about.  

Q: What do you anticipate being your biggest challenge this year? 

The biggest challenge this year is probably that there are certain policies in place that will hinder or be an obstacle for what I want to do. 

Q: Who is the funniest person in the SAC team and why? 

Everyone has their moments but Hannah Mason just cracks me up with her scouse accent, the way she says things and the content. Absolute banter! And Lucy… well she’s just a nutter. 

Q: If you could wave a magic wand to make one student problem go away, which one would it be? 

Everyone just needs more money. Imagine having a couple of million for sports and societies!  


Q: How do you relax after work? 

To relax I’m either playing Frisbee, hitting the gym, playing on my Xbox or eating food! 

Q: What do you hope to do after finishing your term of office? 

Hopefully I’ll get a job which I’ll love and it’ll pay well.

Q: If you could try one new thing at UCLan this year, what would it be?  

I’d probably set up a society, something random! Or actually I’d learn a language or a play an instrument. 

Q: Can you give us details of the next immediate thing you are working on?

Currently working on #LeaveALegacy which is a project I’ll work on throughout the year and you’ll find out more about it soon, I might even give Pluto the exclusive!

If you would like to keep up to date with what Tom is doing you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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