[INTERVIEW] Chair of Drama Society, Benjamin Hutchison

Caitlin Mclaren

Around campus over the next few days, a lot of you will be hearing about the Drama Society’s production of Jeff, The Monster. Pluto speaks to Benjamin Hutchison about what we should expect in the future. 

How’s the past year been as Chair of Drama Society?

The past year as Chair has been brilliant. It’s such a rewarding experience to see your ideas come to life and see your society growing and expanding. It’s been far from easy, with many problems and obstacles along the way, but with the hard work of myself and the rest of the Committee, we’ve made something that we can all be proud of and be proud to be a part of.

Why did you get involved with the Drama Society Committee? 

I was part of the society for a year before running for Chair, and I saw how the society was run and what was going on. I was full of ideas and really wanted to try and make the society something everybody would want to join and enjoy. My passion for the society really pushed me to get involved, and I guess the society saw the innovative ideas I could bring to the society.

How have you prepared the future Chair of the Drama Society? 

Having posed a solid framework for running the society, it was important for me for the society to continue in line with what I had done, as I didn’t want to see the society slide downhill and collapse.  I’m more than happy for the Chair who has been elected, John, and I feel confident he will continue and make the society prosper. I’ve been training him over the last couple of months, and directing ‘Jeff, The Monster’ has given him everything he needs to run the society.

What do you hope to see the Drama Society do in the future?

Essentially, I want the society to grow and become a society everybody knows about and can be proud of. I trust John and believe he will continue to make the society great.

Why did you pick Jeff, The Monster as a play? 

It’s very rare that we have original pieces to put on, and it’s rare we are able to put on comedies simply because a lot of them are not in the public domain. After reading Jeff, it seemed like a fun play to produce and we’re also able to give the opportunity for a writer to see his play come to life.

Have you got any advice for those students who wish to get involved with the Drama Society? 

We’re a very open society. Everybody is welcome, whether they have done drama or not before. We’re also looking for technical people, whether they can do lights, sound or costume/set. Like our facebook page or send me a message for more information. If you want to have a taste of what the society is like, come see Jeff, The Monster and have a chat with myself, or anybody else from the society.

If you’ve still not grabbed tickets then be quick! You can get them here for £5!

If you need anymore information or would like to ask Benjamin a question, don’t not hesitate to contact him by dropping him an email at bjhutchison@uclan.ac.uk!

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