Is La La Land overhyped?

Caitlin Mclaren

OK, so the talk of the movie universe at the moment is La La Land. It’s popularity has been flooding into cinemas, packing out screens. Even the award ceremonies are going nuts, as La La Land has been nominated for a total of 14 Oscars.

So, before I begin. Yes, I have seen the film. I’ve seen the film a few times and it’s safe to say that I am not a fan. I don’t get the hype and to be honest, it was downright boring.

Everyone preaches to me that the ‘art of musical’ is dying out and this film revives it in a ‘fun and modern way’ but I say…bury the musical…and leave it in the past. Untouched.

I’ve never really been a fan of the genre anyways and it leaves so many unanswered questions such as, when the characters break out into song…do they realise doing it? Or is it like a kind of dream sequence?

Anyways, that was slightly off topic. I think La La Land is overrated just because the storyline was basic. On top of that, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are the most uncompatible couple in the history of film.

Don’t get me wrong, when they are seperated, they are both pretty untouchable but together they made me feel sort of queezy. Nevertheless, I hope another film in the award season does come along and sweeps me off my feet such as Hidden Figures or Gold as this one left me astoundingly bored.

But who am I to judge? The real critics obviously rate the film.

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