Is VR the future of live music?

Caitlin Mclaren

So here’s a subject that actually petrifies me as a person.

Could a gig be actually performed, in the near future, and instead of getting beer and piss thrown as I jump along to the music… I’m sitting in the living room with a VR Headset on, not even moving.

Now, I never would optionally do this but the other day it hit me, I just can’t afford gigs. I can’t afford to go standing at Kings of Leon for £65.50 a ticket for a show that, let’s face it, will be rather mediocre.

As a music fan, I do think its a possibility. Albeit, it will ruin the face of music, but I can imagine it now with bands such as One Direction leading the way. Heck, they’ll even make it interactive so that whoever is performing will be performing directly to you.

It does upset me, because a gig is a gig. I still don’t get to this day why people record gigs on their smartphones. One, I don’t want your elbow in my shoulder blade and two, just live the moment man! This could be one of the last times you ever see this band and all you want to do is document it?

And then there’s the people in gladrags who don’t want to be touched whilst the music on. The idea of the VR would suit them perfectly as a person as they sit there, sipping their process and having a nibble of crackers and cheese.

I know what I’m writing may seem bitter, but infact i’m just scared that in a couple of years there won’t be gigs anymore and the human race is one step closer to becoming empty, emotionless robots.


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