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It’s fair to say that the first season of Stranger Things was one of the biggest surprises of last year! It released to little fanfare on the Netflix streaming site with hardly any advertising or marketing push behind it and further cemented the service as not only a source for hosting existing TV shows and movies but also a creator of quality original content.

Stranger Things surprised everyone with the compelling storytelling and character-driven world written by the previously unknown writers, Matt & Ross Duffer (known as The Duffer Brothers) who created an instant classic with a mixture of nostalgic homages and original concepts to make a new and compelling adventure.

With such high praise and positivity surrounding the first eight episodes, excitement and anticipation mounted all throughout the lead-up to the release of the second season.

Some would say that there was, in fact, too much anticipation and that the story writers couldn’t possibly keep the momentum going. Despite this, the second season arrival was met with an overall positive reception.

There were some mixed feelings from the fanbase surrounding a specific episode towards the middle of the season which took a departure from the core setting and struggled to introduce a new cast of characters and, ultimately, the episode felt unnecessary and more than a little out of place.

It has been suggested that this episode was testing the waters for potential spin offs from the main show, which is understandable in the current media climate where everything needs to be a franchise and have the potential for expanded content.

All in all, I and the majority of the internet seem to be of the opinion that Stranger Things is still one of the best things to happen to sci-fi and perhaps television as a whole for a long time. A much-needed breath of fresh, if somewhat familiar air. We all eagerly wait to see what the next season holds in store.

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