By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell

Footage has been found from 2013, showing Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell welcoming the financial crash that devastated the world economy, and admitting he is a Marxist – that is to say a follower of the teachings of Communist founder Karl Marx.

The video, entitled “John McDonnell MP Speaking at communities against the cuts meeting 16-3-13”, has surfaced just before the Labour Party Conference, in which it’s expected to see Labour try and regain economic credibility. It can be seen below.

He is also seen to welcome the global financial crisis, saying “I’ve been waiting for this for a generation. For Christ’s sake, don’t waste it. Let’s use this.”

This comes just days after he called for Party unity and said his “mate” Owen Smith would be welcome in the Shadow Cabinet.

McDonnell has made the press many times over recent weeks for political gaffes, but with many seeing Corbyn and McDonnell as “too left to be electable”, admitting to supporting Marx could spell disaster for the Labour Party. Political Forecasters are split on whether or not this will happen, however, due to the large personal following Corbyn himself has.

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