Jurassic World Film Review


By Emmi Bowles – Editor-in-Chief

The fourth instalment of the Jurassic franchise is action packed and has something for everyone.

Jurassic World, directed by Collin Trevorrow follows the story of the park as it opens a new attraction to wow the visitors. But when you play with genetics things are bound to go wrong. Claire (Bryce Howard) runs the park but when her nephews come to visit and a T-Rex Hybrid gets loose there is only one person who can save the day.

Owen (Chris Pratt) is the dinosaur whisperer, but will he be able to trap the most deadly monster in the park with the help of his Raptors. Or will they turn against him?

As somebody who has not seen any of the previous Jurassic films I was going into this film blind, not knowing what to expect. But with Spielberg as the executive producer it was not going to be a let-down.
In interviews Spielberg and Trevorrow have said that Jurassic World is to act as a direct sequel to the 1993 Jurassic Park, and the other two films should be pushed to the side.

The CGI and creation of new dinosaurs in this film is astounding. We have our favourites such as the T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Raptors, but we are also introduced to new beasts that inhabit the park. The film takes on a different approach to dinosaurs where visitors aren’t scared, but entertained by a dinosaur, which adds to the reasons why the park must create a new hybrid to wow the crowd and make even parents quake in their boots

With two child stars (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson) in the main spotlight, Jurassic World has added humour for a family audience. The film is a 12A and has more of a jump factor than a scare factor.

The film has cast actors that fit the character’s persona perfectly. Chris Pratt not only makes you feel safe but he adds comedy to the script as well as a few moments of romance. There is something for everybody in this film, romance, comedy, action and adventure. The film also features items from the original park which movie buffs will appreciate.

Overall, as somebody who has never seen a Jurassic movie before, and doesn’t do films that can make you jump I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed it. It is well worth a watch and on my list for an award for the use of CGI and graphics.

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