Kasabian are returning – Top 5 Kasabian tunes!

Caitlin Mclaren - Culture Editor

The boys from Leicester are back! Creating a real buzz with their festival announcements, but what are their best songs? 

Club Foot

A real battle anthem, whenever I’ve seen this live the crowd go beserk. The beginning tune is iconic with FIFA. If you don’t like this song, I suggest you don’t listen to anymore of Kasabian’s stuff because this just is classic Kasabian in everyway.

Where Did All The Love Go?

A bit more mellowed out, but I added this tune in because at the moment it is very accurate to the way in which the world is going.


STOP! And listen to this banger! Alongside the video, this song is one of the greatest indie anthems there is to offer.


Young Kasabian here, almost finding their sound at an early age. I enjoy this early stuff because it isn’t as advanced. It is rather raw.


Another song from FIFA, but it seems that Kasabian is getting their sound on point. Experimentation is over and the real music is about to begin!

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