KFC pulls up at UCLan SU

The truck arrived to give free wraps today after UCLan SU won a competition.

Pulled on tour pieceKFC arrived on campus today after UCLan SU won a social media competition to get a taste of KFC’s new Pulled Chicken menu.

Students were treated to free chicken outside the Student’s Union from a truck as part of the #PulledOnTour campaign.

These products included The Ultimate Burger, The Pulled Chicken Twister and The ‘Lil Wrap. Students were also able to try KFC’s wire loop game in order to get a high score, give their Twitter name and be put into a prize draw.

A spokesperson’s for KFC at the event on the UCLan campus said, “Although we’ve been to other universities, we were really excited about coming to this university because of how involved the student union at UCLan got with KFC’s #PulledOnTour”.

American style/ BBQ food has gained a steady momentum of popularity in the UK in recent years.

What is ‘pulled chicken’?

Arriving ahead of KFC’s 50-year anniversary stay in Britain, Pulled Chicken is the process of creating a balance of flavour and tenderness by mixing 60% white breast and 40% dark meat.

The mixed meat is then tumbled in a dry spice rub which includes ingredients such as cloves, smoked paprika and chili before being marinated in a molasses-based sauce and cooked slowly for two hours. This process is inspired by an old Kentucky recipe.

KFC innovation Manager Louise Direito said: “We have been working tirelessly to create more variety on our menu and are delighted that we can provide the customer with something completely unique”. KFC has become the first multi-national fast food restaurant to boldly take on-trend street food to the high street market.

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