King Blues Frontman Returns For Debut Solo Single

Jonny 'Itch' Fox
Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox

Former King Blues front man, Jonny Fox, is back with his first major single release, ‘Homeless Romantic’. Featuring the vocal talents of Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara and offering a neat and unique blend of pop, punk and hip-hop that would sound just as natural on mainstream radio as it would at a hard rock festival this is one single not to be missed.


The track begins with a short intro of a heavy hip-hop beat that rolls along into the verse with the listener’s feet already tapping. Carefully crafted samples do just enough to thicken the track without stifling iTCH’s rich, grimy vocals that impressively twist around a fuzzy electronic bass line.

As it slides seamlessly into a melodic pre-chorus, Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara provides some uncharacteristically subtle vocals backed by a more exciting, marching drum beat.

However, it is in the chorus where it becomes apparent why iTCH was so popular on the bill of US hard rock festival, Warped Tour.

As Lazzara screams, “Let’s hear it for the homeless romantic”, a chorus of heavy, distorted guitars roar into life and the electronic feel of the verse is suddenly replaced by a wave of euphoric hard rock.

iTCH’s style is as fluid as ever with typically hard hitting lyrics that tell the story of a girl who becomes associated with an abusive man.

It’s easy to see why iTCH was so successful at festivals such as Reading and Leeds this past summer. ‘Homeless Romantic’ is an anthemic first single with lyrics fresh and exciting enough to rouse even the strictest music critics. Watch this space.

Homeless Romantic

iTCH (Feat. Adam Lazzara)

Red Bull Records

Rating: 2:1

Review by Alex Sambrook


The Pluto University Rating System:

1st – Top of the class

2:1 – Close but no cigar

2:2 – Hello there Desmond

3 – Must try harder

Fail – Why even bother?

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