Lancashire Boxer Mark Jeffers Wins Second Professional Fight

By Jake Hartley Moore – Reporter

Lancashire boxer Mark Jeffers produced an excellent and composed performance to win his second professional fight against Ben Heap.

Jeffers showcased an amazing performance of strategy in show a great manner of balance between attack and defence to comfortably dispose of Ben Heap on point’s decision 40-36 to remain undefeated.

As the first round commenced it was Jeffers who started to take command early on as he started to throw some good head-body combinations which was then nicely followed up with some solid body shots.

Heap though did look to respond as he himself threw a great head body combo to bring himself into the fight.

Jeffers though did start to gain the upper hand by landing a big right hook to maintain his impressive start.

His dominance continued further on into the first round as he continued to fire a series of great combinations of big head shots from both the right and left hand side along with strong body shots to Heap to keep Heap guessing as to where he was coming from.

With the second round getting underway Heap showed signs of encouragement landing an early left hook combination to the head and body of Jeffers.

In response to this Jeffers produced a display of sheer power with a set of 4 powerful body shots to Heap’s mid section alternating them in the process.

Heap did not back down as he continued to show great attacking offense by landing a fantastic combination of two powerful head shots and a strike to the body forcing Jeffers to keep his defensive guard up.

Heap continued to attack with him pounding body shots to the youngster’s chest and mid-section.

The third round saw Jeffers once again drive at the body of Heap landing clean strikes to the mid-section which started to show as they were wearing Heap down.

Jeffers then continued to dominate the round by firing a powerful right uppercut and then following it up with an outstanding right hook to Heap pushing the fight further towards the youngster’s favour.

Jeffers continued to showcase a great defensive game as he looked to protect his body blocking numerous efforts of Heap as he continued to pick him off with continuous right-hand jabs.

As the fourth and final round got under way both fighters started to fire everything they had at each other but it was Jeffers who was firing the better blows.

Jeffers continued his great offense by landing a superb uppercut when having to battle against the ropes.

Heap was still unable to compete with Jeffers continuous body shots a Jeffers looked to maintain his control over this fight.

Mark Jeffers wasn’t the only success of Jennings Gym at Manchester on Saturday as Jack Arnfield battled his way to victory over John Ryder as the main undercard fight to claim the middleweight WBA international title to go up to being the 4th best ranked middleweight fighter in Britain.


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