‘Lancashore’ cast death threat fears

Lancashore castCast members from student reality show Lancashore have received death threats from its viewers after the PSTV production released its first episode over the Christmas break, write Matthew Murphy.

The show’s first video has accumulated nine thousand views in just over a month of its publishing on video-sharing website YouTube. However, the comments section was scattered with a significant amount of negative feedback, including attacks on individual members of the cast.

One comment read: “This is f***ing awful. To think UCLan have a proper established film course and this is the sh**e they churn out. Everyone  involved in this show needs to be hung, drawn and quartered. Twice.”

Characters were also terrorised on Twitter, and entertainment editor of PSTV Mikki Wright, also producer of the show, said that although an unfavourable reception was expected, viewers went a bit over-the-top with their comments, and added that any offensive ones would be reported.

She said: “I knew there’d be a bad reaction, but I didn’t realise how bad it would be. On Twitter all the mentions are death threats practically.”

“All reality shows get a lot of hate. People had a problem with everything about it. They were saying that not everyone’s from Lancashire, and stupid little things like that.”

UCLan Student Ashley Wright was one of those who lashed out at the Lancashore team, claiming on Twitter that he would “kick cameras over and buck girls from the cast.”


James Milligan, who helped produce the show, said he was threatened by some of the tweets directed at the cast. He said: “I checked with a friend who’s a special constable, and if we truly were worried that people like Ashley
Wright would go ahead with their threats then they’d probably be guilty of threating to commit criminal damage, but as it was I thought he was just winding us up. It did make me think twice though.”

Lauren McCart, a Lancashore cast member, was surprised by the feedback the show received, and confirmed that some of the boys were verbally attacked on various social networking sites.

“One of the lads, James, was told that if he recorded another show someone would beat him up and then run him over.” She exclaimed. “It’s strange how we got 9000 views, and people are complaining but they’re still watching

According to its producers, the show is fairly certain to be discontinued. However, if it is to release a second episode, it is unlikely to include the same cast as the first.

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