Lava’s revamp Ignited by ‘chavvy’ rep?

Lava & Ignite Preston renovation
Evoquing change - the revamp at Lava is well underway
Evoquing change - the revamp at Lava is well underway
Evoquing change – the revamp at Lava is well underway

Preston’s Lava & Ignite has revealed a new name pending its £500K overhaul. Employees, however, claim the refurbishment is simply an attempt to escape from the ‘chavvy’ name it’s made for itself.

The nightclub, which closed June 29, will reopen as ‘Evoque’ on August 9. But one of the club’s employees, speaking exclusively to Pluto, said the club was in desperate for change to help swing the public in its direction.

“Lava has a bad reputation. So with the new refit and the new name this will hopefully give it a much better one, rather than the chavvy one it has now.” They said.

The change of name, which will leave the club strangely twinned with a model of Range Rover, is its second in the last decade. This, along with vast expenditure and renovations, is part of a deal enabling the club to keep its license, after warnings were sounded from the council for a lack of safety precautions.

“It isn’t exactly modern either.” Added the employee. “It’s not nice at all. There’s a leak in the roof,  there are sticky carpets, and horrible toilets too. And there’s no decent staff areas.”

Evoque already has a new Facebook profile with a cover photo that reads: “ARE YOU READY?” The venue will be employing fifty new staff members to help cater for what is expected to be a hectic two-week return of students for freshers in September.

Do you think the changes made will make a difference to your opinion? Will you still call it Lava? Let us know below… 

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