Leeds Festival 2015

3fb4bdd966771e55934da6d19ce1e763d39bdc98By Luis Sanchez- Reporter

Being at a festival is one of the happiest feelings, it’s a small dose of life that isolates everything that is fun. And the fact that there are also live gigs just makes it a utopia.

This year the music at Leeds Festival was amazing. A great mixture of multiple genres this festival truly did cater to everyone.

A lot of must see acts this year were DJs, and the first act I saw was a DJ set from Jaguar Skills on Thursday. Although I do respect the skill and art being a DJ, I have never seen the appeal of watching a DJ live. Especially when it consists of someone looking down at a machine for an hour and a half. I would compare it to watching a projection room operator live. However, the atmosphere created by Jaguar Skills that night and all the DJs at the Relentless stage did make me see the appeal a bit more.Kendrick-lamar-1360479601

Friday is when I really started to enjoy the music as Kendrick Lamar set the bar incredibly high with a set-list packed with hits. High energy songs like ‘King Kunta’ and ‘Backstreet Freestyle’ thrilled the mainstage, especially when he repeated his verse on the song ‘Problems’ a second time to the beat of the ‘Next Episode.’ His more mellow songs like ‘Sing About Me’, ‘Money Trees’ and the encore of ‘ADHD’ also provoked everyone to wave their phones in the air, which was a truly incredible sight.

Furthermore the fact he performed new verses to ‘B**** Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and covered the Tupac song ‘Hail Mary’ was also a nice touch.

Saturday had to be my favourite day, as NME/ BBC Radio 1 stage saw renowned hip hop act Run The Jewels take to the stage, followed by rock nu metal legends Limp Bizkit. The mosh pits and sweat reigned as both blew me away with thunderous sets that required you to move or die.

I would have to say Fred Durst is the greatest showman I have seen live. He seemed to be at one with the crowd like no other. He kept asking the crowd for any requests to which the rabid crowd screamed ‘Break Stuff.’ About half an hour into the show he held up the band’s set-list to the camera, which read ‘Killing In The Name Of’, ‘Break Stuff’ and ‘Take A Look Around’ in a move of theatrical brilliance.

The fact this was in a tent rather the mainstage just added to the union of absolute abandon.

Another honorable mention that day had to be Bugzy Malone who was brilliant on the BBC Radio 1Xtra Stage.

Sunday saw Ms Dynamite and Lethal Bizzle put on great performances on the BBC Radio 1Xtra stage and MK play the BBC Radio 1 Dance tent which the received the praise of a folk hero.

Metallica_London_2008-09-15_Kirk_and_JamesHowever the act I was most looking forward to seeing where rock legends Metallica, who performed a set over 2 hours long. As the mosh pits and crowd surfing ran rampant they played all the songs that gives them their legendary status. I was left asking who the group of about 50 random people in the same t shirt behind the band were, however I have nothing but praise for this show. Their light show was pure cinematic brilliance, massive bouncy balls rained down during the classic ‘Enter Sandman’, great solos from Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett and the band threw out like 2 million guitar picks at the end of the show there was no better way to cap off the festival.

Leeds this year had a great atmosphere. If you haven’t gone to a music festival you are missing out on one of life’s greatest experiences and this festival was absolutely that.

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