Let’s Get Carving Our Pumpkins!

Are you creatively stuck this year on what you are going to carve? Well we can help you with this simple guide to different pumpkins which you can try out depending on what level of carver that you are!



Okay, if you’re a beginner then this is where I would start! This is exactly my level on pumpkin carving! Just a simple design is sometimes the best. A traditional pumpkin has survived so many generations because it simply is the most cute thing at Halloween. If your creative juices are blocking your ideas then maybe the little, simple pumpkin is best for you!



On the next level would be those who dare to attempt a character pumpkin, although arguably this could be quite easy depending on which character you decide on! Nevertheless, these can become so much more time consuming so make sure that you stencil out every detail!



Now if you’re really wanting to test yourself, why don’t you try and create your own spooky landscape or just recreate a scene that you really love then this is the perfect opportunity! Make sure that no line is too thin or you could see your masterpiece collapse!

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