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Former Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove has shed some light on the Coalition. The Liberal Democrats, who propped up the Conservatives for five years, stopped the former Education Secretary from reintroducing grammar schools, despite repeated attempts by the Tories.

Speaking of the decision, Gove said:

“The first reason, the overwhelming reason is that we were in coalition with Liberal Democrats and the Liberal Democrats wanted no increase in selection.

“Also, David Cameron quite rightly concluded that when we were doing so much in so many other areas that to add selection to the mix would have crystallised and solidified opposition to the changes we wanted to make.

“We have a new Secretary of State and a new PM who share that broad disposition but they also recognise – which is true – that there are areas of underperformance in the state school system…

“I’m clear about what the priorities were when I was education secretary, but I also think it is right for every new prime minister and every new education secretary to ceaselessly try to promote excellence.”

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