Library Disruptions Come To An End

Hannah Mason, Editor-in-Chief

Students were left outraged as the library’s persistent fire alarm disturbed their studying time.

Throughout the day the fire alarm in UCLan’s library went off on a number of occasions, much to the frustration of students in there working.

The alarms are tested every Tuesday at 8am in order to guarantee student safety in an emergency but at a chosen time were it will cause the least amount of disruption to students.

Students’ frustrations could be seen across social media today, including Facebook, Twitter and YikYak with comments surrounding the issues of the loud disruptions and how the alarms were unnecessary to be tested at such a key time in the year for students.

Pluto spoke to the university about what the exact issue was and whether or not it had been resolved yet.

The university admits the library had an issue with the fire alarm system and rather than close and evacuate the building, they chose to increase the staff patrols and worked around the studying students to get the system back up and running as quickly as possible. The university went on to say that the fire alarm activations were necessary to get the system back up and running and didn’t want to have to close the building completely during assignment hand in and exam time.

We can now confirm that the engineers have updated the fire alarm software and the system is now back up and running. Therefore, there should be no further disruptions.

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