Lion King Live Action Announced!

Anita Kuambana

Walt Disney confirmed that Lion King live action movie is coming out in 2017 and will be produced by Jon Favreau.

So far we know that the movie will include some of the song from the original version released in 1994, one of them is the Oscar winning song written by Elton John “Can you feel the love tonight”. Some of the songs written by Tim Rice and Hans Zimmer will also be included. Do not worry you will be able to shake your head and sing along to Hakuna Matata as well.

Jon Favreau or Walt Disney haven’t mentioned a thing about human characters but they will definitely use human voices. In this case there is a chance that Matthew Broderick (Simba), Whoopi Goldberg (Shanzi) and Jeremy Irons (Scar) and more to make a return as suggested by “I tech post”. For the older generation that watched the original made in 1994, it will sound a tiny bit odd listening to the characters if they pick different actors for the main characters. I always feel as though is fake when that happens, let’s just hope for the best.

There will be a slight twist on the movie plot but the producer won’t take out any of the main characters Simba, Nala, Scar and Rafiki. According to Game N’ Guide the movie will contain graphics and animation but it will have realistic details, it will be created using CGI just as The Jungle book. The only real thing will be the background, which will probably be of a Savannah.

Disney made other live action movies recently and the Jungle book as I mentioned is one of them also “Beauty and the Beast” Emma Watson will be playing Beauty, “Cinderella”, “Alice in Wonderland” and Maleficent which was played by Angelina Jolie. All these live action movies had great reviews and this makes our mind run wild wondering what may Disney be putting up to feed our eyes.

The Lion King musical had a lot of fans and it still growing in fame; they already made a total of almost £7billion. If Jon Favreau does the same job as in “The jungle book” then it might be just another success. Let’s not forget that the original version made £745 million (surprisingly the musical made more money).

Now we can only hope for the best, we have nothing to complain about yet but keep checking our website as we will give you more updates.

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