Macs Bar has licence revoked

MACSBy Hannah Mason- Media Officer

A Preston nightclub has lost its licence after a hearing at Preston city council.

Preston City Council have revoked the license for Macs Bar this morning after a six day hearing.

The bar has been closed for a month over concerns about drunken behaviour outside the premises.

Owner Andy Mac won the appeal over the decision to close the bar at Preston Crown Court but the premises licence review was held last week.

Andy Mac said that he is “extremely disappointed in the decision,” as he feels he did not have enough time to prepare his case due to fighting the appeal at Preston Crown Court last week.

He said: “I categorically deny allowing any under-age customers into my venue, we turn away on average 150 people a week, and we accept that some do slip through the cracks like anywhere else.”

Andy Mac also stated that he wants to work with the police to fix the problems within Preston’s nightlife.

He has announced that he is considering appealing the decision made today from Preston Council.

A full explanation of the council’s decision to revoke the licence is yet to be revealed but is expected on Thursday.








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  1. Over the last ten years from what I can remember, any club in this space has been closed down for similar reasons. This is a reflection on the Police and not on the club owner. A shame for all those who have lost their jobs.

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