MACs Bar Shut Down for 48 Hours

140907_MixStorysIssue1_52-50By Emmi Bowles- Deputy Features Editor & Online Editor

MACs Bar in Preston has been shut down by police for 48 hours.

On Friday 29 May, there was a disorder incident outside of MACs Bar during the early hours, and the police have now issued a 48 hour closure under section 76 of the anti-social behaviour act.
“We have requested the closure to ensure that there are no further incidents of disorder relating to customers leaving the bar during the early hours of the morning. ” A police spokesperson said.
A hearing is to take place tomorrow at Preston Magistrates Court. The police are looking to obtain a court order on Wednesday to further the closure.

Andy Macdonald, the owner of the bar tweeted:



Another public disorder incident happened earlier in the year on Good Friday. It involved customers, who were believed to have been heavily intoxicated, leaving the premises.

As a result, officers brought about a review of the license and have been working with the premises to improve management of the dispersal of customers at closing time.

Preston City Council will be reviewing the premises licence of the bar by 18 June.

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