Macs hearing: nightclub to remain closed

MacsPreston nightclub Macs bar is to remain closed until at least Friday June 12, as decided today in court.

Due to time constraints, the hearing at Preston Magistrates’ was adjourned until the above date, with the court ordering that the venue remain shut to the public until then.

Lancashire Constabulary had filed an application for a closing order of the venue after 2 separate incidents of public disorder had occurred near the premises.

On Monday June 1 police had issued a 48 hour closure of the nigthclub, under section 76 of the anti-social behaviour act.

Andy Mac, owner of venue, insists that the club’s closure will only be temporary.

The case continues June 12.

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1 Comment on Macs hearing: nightclub to remain closed

  1. It’s highly unlikely the hearing will close down the club all together, perhaps a month or two month closure but even that is unlikely. They will more than likely be hit with a heavy fine and remain open. But if they do close, as students it will not affect us as it will 100% be open in time for next September.

    MACs always seems to have some kind of trouble, either with opening or keeping up with a good quality. I wonder what issue will be next for the club.

    But yeah, stop panicking folks.

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