Makeup Monday

Kirsty Moody - Lifestyle Editor

For the fourth installment of Makeup Monday, I have reviewed the latest product release to come from Makeup Revolution; retro luxe matte lip kits, a lot of these have been exclusive pending the official release.

I have been following the Makeup revolution account as well as all the tam beauty accounts and their director accounts to see when the new stuff will be released. So I was so excited when I saw these were being released, I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Kylie ones but as 1. I’m a poor student and 2.customs I haven’t been able to. I know these would never live up to Kylie’s lip kits, I wanted to give them a try and see what they’re like.

fullsizerenderThe first kit I tried was “Glory”, I initially really liked this colour as I
thought it was going to be a dark brown and apply nicely, it came out more like a black which I do like but its not appropriate for work.

I like that it does apply nicely, I prefer the liner to the actual liquid lipstick, however after I had worn it for 6 hours at work, my lips started to feel quite caked and it was starting to crack. Not a good look. I wore it again a few days later only for a few hours this time and it didn’t cake, so it may just be after a few hours and after food the texture isn’t the same.

The second kit I tried was “Regal”, I think this colour is a little bit more practical compared to “Glory”, however, its still not one I would wear every day. The formula is exactly the same with “Glory” with the cakeyness. For just £6 each though I don’t find this too much of a problem as I can find ways to make it not feel as caked by wearing the bare minimum and by not wearing it as long.  I do feel slightly disappointed as I am a huge fan of Makeup Revolution and I am a loyal customer to them.


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