Malia Bouattia Wins NUS Presidency

By Joe Young - Deputy Culture Editor

Malia Bouattia, who was recently embroiled in an anti-Semitism controversy, has been elected the President of the National Union of Students. She beat incumbent President Megan Dunn, and outsider Adil Waraich. Re-open nominations (RON) was also on the ballot. Out of 740 votes cast, 731 were valid, and causing a quota of 365. Bouattia won 372 votes, Dunn won 328 votes, Waraich won 9 votes, and RON won 22 votes. Dunn’s defeat has made her one of the few NUS Presidents in recent memory to not serve a two-year term.

Bouattia, the current Black Students Officer of the NUS won on a platform of “transformative change” and liberation for the NUS. In her election speech, she said,

“When we talk about liberation it’s not just about women, Black, LGBT+ or disabled students – it’s about us all.”

Current UCLan SU President Josie Linsel said,

Malia gave a very passionate speech and there was a very enthusiastic reception for her. Although I fully support Megan Dunn and believe she was the best candidate for the position, democracy dictates that Malia is the winner of the election and that is how it should be of course! Megan has been a fantastic National President and I’ll never forget the impact she’s had on the movement and on my work as President of UCLan Students’ Union and I look forward to seeing what Malia will do to further Megan’s work.”

Not every President has taken Bouattia’s election as well as UCLan’s has though – former NUS President and Member of Parliament for Ilford North in London said,

NUS is lost I’m afraid. It’s had good leadership from Megan Dunn, but it no longer represents students well.”

For Vice-President (Welfare) 722 votes were cast, with 704 deemed valid, causing a quota of 352. Incumbent Shelly Asquith won 373, challenger Munya Mudarikiri won 320, and RON won 11. Therefore, Shelly Asquith was re-elected as VP Welfare.

For Vice-President (Higher Education), Sorana Vieru was re-elected.

For Vice-President (Further Education), Shakira Martin was elected with RON as the only other candidate.

For Vice President (Union Development) and Vice President (Society and Citizenship), the elections will take place later today. This page will be updated as it happens.

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