Mark Jeffers states that “everything is going exactly the way we want to” as he looks to go 6–0

By Jake Hartley-Moore Sports Editor

The Middleweight is eager to get his first knockdown

Mark Jeffers is looking to keep to his winning ways as he returns to Robin Park, the place where the youngster made himself known on his professional debut.


Jeffers hopes to put on another showstopping performance
Jeffers hopes to put on another showstopping performance

Where it all began

Looking back to the 28th May 2016, Jeffers eagerly awaited a moment he couldn’t wait for. Stepping into the ring to make his professional debut. It’s hard to forget that the Irish born fighter was only at the tender age of 18.

However he fought like he was a man rather than a teenager, emphatically dispatching of Scott Hillman in blistering style and power to claim his debut victory.

Looking back at that fight Jeffers is still overwhelmed by it all.

“The energy and atmosphere was just unbelievable”

“The support that night was just phenomenal, It was just so exciting and it’s fantastic to have all the fans come out to cheer me” Jeffers exclaimed.

Looking Forward

Now at 5-0 the youngster is upping the anti even further as he enters his first six round fight, which doesn’t faze him too much.

“I feel as though the six round fights are where I am going to shine and look my best”Jeffers claimed.

This confidence perhaps won’t come as much of a surprise with the Chorley fighter having sparred with the likes of Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Arnfield and Matty Askin all fellow Jennings Gym fighters.

Jeffers using his trademark left- hand body shot to punish Sajuka
Jeffers using his trademark left-hand body shot to punish Sajuka

“From doing eight rounds of sparring with those kinds of fighters it’s improving my game and I am feeling a lot more stronger going into this fight”

Jeffers then added that “ I’m working on instead of throwing 100 shots I want to throw 10 shots but it have more of an impact”.

“ I’m gonna wear them down and knock them out”

Wise words spoken you feel which could certainly work for the middleweight who is now rather keen to earn his first pro knockdown.

“I’m Starting to throw the bigger punches and I am hitting harder, I’ve come close a couple of times but now I know that I can do it”.

“The fans supports helps even more when I am fighting”

Exciting words to hear for Jeffers’s on growing support as his fan base continues to grow with another rowdy bunch expected to make the short trip down from Eccleston to Wigan.

“When you walk out and hear the crowd chanting your name it spurs you on even more to give them the show that they came for”.

“Its just an unbelievable feeling and makes it more special, I can’t wait for fight night”

Can he be stopped?

Well he is certainly impressing a lot of a people and was a fan favorite during his last fight against Devidias Sajuka, where he particularly caught the eye of Anthony Crolla.

Jeffers demonstrating that his defense is just as effective as his offence
Jeffers demonstrating that his defense is just as effective as his offence

“I’ve seen him spar in the gym against Paul Smith Jr, he’s looked very good and I’ve got high hopes for him” Crolla exclaimed

Not a bad name to be impressing considering Jeffers is only 19.

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