Match Report: Women’s Football 1sts 2-1 York

By Ailsa Cowen - Reporter

The women’s football 1st team continued their winning run by beating York 2-1 after thrashing Robert Gordon 13-1 last week.

UCLan took the lead in the first half but conceded shortly after half-time. With the game delicately balanced at 1-1, UCLan scored the decisive goal to secure all three points.

York put the home side under some good pressure and had a shot deflected by Hannah Limbach and the ball fell to Anna Middlemiss who caught it to force Jess Poots into a good save.

At the other end, Philly Stephens beat the keeper and passed the ball to Emma Brady who missed a glorious opportunity to give UCLan an early lead.

The away team were then denied by the woodwork as Poots’ outstretched hand tipped Lin Ignatewilz’s shot onto the crossbar. The rebound fell to Ignatewilz but she hit the crossbar for the second time in a matter of seconds.

Half an hour gone and there was still no score.

UCLAN began to look more like for scoring. Olivia Weedall passed to Emma Brady in midfield. Brady passed to Charlotte Jones who shot but York keeper saved the shot with ease.

On the stroke of half-time, Schuller gave UCLan the lead with a long shot which glided over York keeper Katherine Battle’s head.


Although UCLAN clearly weren’t ready for York’s quick attack. Ignatewilz fired the ball at goal. Jess Poots dived and stretched out her hand to save the ball but it just slid past her hand meaning York equalized.

UCLan took the lead again shortly after as Nat Broad took a shot which slid into the back corner of the net.

York’s Lin Ignatewilz ran into UCLAN’s box again with UCLAN defender Hannah Limbach speedily on her heels and Poots made a brave diving save by Ignatewilz’s feet.

During the last few minutes UCLAN keeper Jess Poots made some impressive saves to ensure her team won the game.

UCLAN coach Tim Tack said following their win: “The girls were again outstanding, really dug deep and played out of their skin. I would draw out individuals for praise at this point, but I can’t speak about any one player over another, everybody worked so hard to bring us the three points.

“It was a great game for us because we could really work on some tactical elements of our game and focused on our transitional play. We spoke about how to win the ball back high up the pitch which worked a treat when we won it back in the build up to our second goal.

“Overall, the girls gave me an excellent birthday present and I was full of pride at the end of the game.”



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