Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband” IS a progressive feminist anthem… if you happen to live in the 1950’s



By Luke James Binns

Meghan Trainor is often extolled as the face of modern feminism, but exactly why? Is it because of Meghan’s controversial body shaming? Or maybe it’s her contradictory ridden festy chart-topper All About That Bass song, in which she blasts “skinny bitches” and she appears to create a self-worth off of pleasing men. No? Well Miss Trainor has recently smeared a brand new stain on the world of pop music in the form of Dear Future Husband, a title which leaves little to the imagination.

From the outset, the video depicts Trainor as a young housewife, somewhat seductively scrubbing the floor in the kitchen of what can only be described as the most obnoxious house ever built. Okay, I suppose every couple should take turns with cleaning and just because it happens to be her doing so doesn’t mean anything, right?

Trainor then appears to equate being the ‘perfect wife’ with ideological 1950’s thinking such as ‘buying groceries’ and goes to great lengths in strengthening gender roles by subtly reminding us that it is the husband’s duty to remember anniversaries (men always forget, obviously!) and show his love commercially by buying her flowers and holding doors open. We’re fifty seconds in and already any obscure and vague message of positive feminism has lost any credibility whatsoever, but, there’s nothing like using stereotypes to uphold an outdated code of chivalry, right?


If you’re a good future husband who keeps within your gender role and you apologise after every fight (which is your fault, by the way… she’s never wrong, why disagree?), Trainor will put out and reward you with sex; that is what I’ve taken from her new single Dear Future Husband. So, ladies, clearly only men can have a sex drive and you should offer yourselves to them however they behave, that is your obligation according to Trainor, and she must be right… she’s a celebrity after all. What a role model!

Trainor’s voice is unique and she has a great musical style, but unfortunately it is being wasted on bratty songs that read as if they were written by a child who has just finished playing with her dolls, which sends the completely wrong message to girls AND boys. According to Trainor, you need a man with lots of bravado who will shower you in meaningless commercial gifts, act out a trite chivalrous code and understand that he is always wrong.


Of course, it is Trainor’s prerogative if this is how she would like to live her life with her ‘future husband’. After all, feminism is all about supporting women, no matter what they wish to do. However, Trainor’s song arguably upholds an anti-feminist ideal that outlines gender roles as important, and that we should adhere to them if we want successful relationships. This, I cannot agree with.


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