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  1. Certainly, trends can never be enjoyed by all and also, fashion designers like to shock. We,”the fashion consumers ” are watching the show and we can choose… I definitely prefer the clothes that fit my style.

  2. Thank you for this kind review.
    We of The Haberdash are glad you enjoyed our work, and on behalf of all the team, thank you for your attendance!

  3. Unfortunately this incident has led to the dismissal if the Popworld manager. Probably the reason they declined to comment.

  4. A sports team has a night out and a few people who weren’t involved seem to dislike it.. Next thing you know, someone’s shared this article on facebook and is calling everyone involved a disgrace- Is this really news?

    However I think that the way it’s been reported on is fair and balanced and doesn’t attempt to victimise the sports team in the way that most uni newspapers try to. Wise words from the Chairman too.

  5. Not to say that I have any sympathy for the players, but the wages these players earn (not DJ Campbell) isn’t quite as extravagant as made out. 1k per week until the age of 35 (if they’re lucky) isn’t enough to retire on. Someone offers you 70k to get a cheeky yellow card and you can see why a player would be tempted.

    Coupled with this you’ve got the fact that, for the most part, a yellow card doesn’t affect a game a great deal.

    Those points put to one side though, it’s obviously repugnant and very damaging for the reputation of English football. Like you say, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was merely the tip of the iceberg (if Sodje is to be believed). If the outcome of matches is being fixed, then swift and severe action needs to be taken.

  6. This story concerns me, as I am a big EPL fan although I don’t think there has been suspicious behaviour in a while. For example, however, maybe Utd 1- 6 City could be investigated? Whoever is behind all this should be arrested and put an end to all this. Let’s not ruin the beautiful game.

  7. Unbelievable! Universities are charging record sky high tuition fees yet they won’t fund the SU ’cause it’s losing a little money/ breaking even!? It’s a service they should be obliged to provide. The social side of Uni is just as important as the academic.

    It shouldn’t be seen as a commercial venture anyway. They wouldn’t shut the library because its not turning a profit, this is no different a service.

    I’d be really angry if I was a student, and this would probably put me off going to UCLan.

    The deciding factor for me when I was presented with two identical courses at different Uni’s was that I thought I’d enjoy my 3 years here more because they were booking massive bands, and had spent millions on the SU, putting on massive club nights etc.

    If I was a student who’d just spent 10k+ on my first years tuition fees. I’d expect the Uni to at least fund their multimillion pound SU to help me integrate, meet people, make friends etc, in a strange city miles from home.

    This is bang out of order I hope the Students Union are trying to rectify this!

  8. We need to stop this landlord! I have just finished tenancy with him, and we’re not getting our deposits back,even though we left the huose in a cleaner condition, he’s not registered wiht a deposit protecitno scheme which is illegal, and he is trying to make my ex housemate pay a 1800 gas bill!

  9. My girlfriend and her house mates in the academic year 2012-2013 shared one of his houses in their second year. The house was in reasonable order for them to get back their deposits and he refused. They have stopped several people from renting a house off him since and weren’t surprised when Pluto did a story about him

  10. I am ashamed that NUS at an NEC meeting voted against this motion. I have read the motion over 20 times now and still cannot find any wording that could be construed to cause Islamophobia. I also wonder why an amendment wasn’t proposed to the motion and then that passed if it is just a case of ‘tweaking’ it. The reflection on the history of the U.K. within this article is quite accurate however it does not highlight how we have learnt from our predecessors mistakes, and surely us sharing and utilising that knowledge and advancement to help other nations, who are suffering at the hands of terrorism, is the correct and humane thing to do. I feel that by NUS voting against this motion and causing these subsequent articles and discussions leaves the door wide open for Islamophobia. This is surely an area that NUS should hold a strong line on and I fear they have shown themselves again to be weak in the face of serious issues. As a person who is proud to be on the left of politics and a supporter of Unions it has pained me to make these comments, however it is the truth and NUS need to really sort out there house in order to be a progressive force and voice for students again.

    • What I tried to do was agree with Maria Bouattia, that I too have no confidence for the usage of our military and that by using these ‘smart bombs’ we as a society do not see the physical harm it causes to innocent civilians. By not seeing the harm we can not relate to it and it is then distant to us and by distancing the problem we forget about it. I wanted to remind anyone that read this article to realise that even Western society’s which are ‘modern’ are capable of horrific violence. After all it was Britain that introduced the concentration camp to the world…

  11. What a brilliant evening!

    One of the best events to date for the ISoc,

    Thank you to all those who helped organise the event.

    The Quran Recitation at the beginning was of Surah Rahman – one of my favourite verses of the Quran and the child who recited it was exceptional

  12. While I agree kickstarter has certainly helped some legitimately great games; Divinity as mentioned above is fantastic and games not released yet like Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous also look like they’re coming along great. There have been some cons with kickstarter though, projects that have been backed, then released missing content and incomplete and the backers have been able to do nothing about it really. Games like Spacebase DF-9 and Broken Age are two examples of products that came out half finished because the companies ‘ran out of money’ leaving the people expecting a full product not able to do much about it. While it is a good idea in some cases and has proven itself with games like Divinity: Original Sin and Wasteland 2 it isn’t particularly sustainable and can leave some people who didn’t just pay the price of the game, but potentially alot more given the higher reward tiers, left severely wanting.

  13. AVOID.

    He is an absolute horrible human, cowardly and scams innocent students who don’t know any better. He threatens people with slander when they state the truth. I hope Pluto continues and does a follow up story about this.

  14. I am not a football fan. I hear a lot of people stating their views but I have heard very little from Ched Evans.
    Good could come out of this if Ched Evans was to stand up and say he will give his salary for the remainder of his sentence to an appropriate charity, and use his celebrity status to tell people of the consequences of rape. If he can not do this we should never see him again.

  15. “There’s been a massive stigma surrounding the sex industry for as long as it has existed. It’s a world of shadow and intrigue and yet at the same time, it’s shameful and sordid.”
    Really Jasleen Kaur? Why do you think the sex industry is shameful and sordid? Shot yourself in the foot there, haven’t you?

  16. It may be the first ever KFC in UK but have you ever tried to get a table in there? It’s too small so I’m not suprised they won’t be renewing their lease! Hopefully they’ll reopen in a larger premises

  17. While revived societies could be taken in a new direction to some extent, an overview of what these societies entailed previously may help in rejuvenating them. Some of them seem clear cut, others not so much.

  18. Trying to work out how this all fits in with the current landscape. Is the front space where Fydle building currently is?

  19. AVOID AVOID. Now trading as Student accomodation preston.

    He Will rip you off. Tempt you with iPads, play stations and all inclusive rooms. Delivers nothing and caps utility usage at rediculous low levels. You won’t get your deposit back and takes a “booking fee” for nothing and wants cash only.
    He is scum
    Tell everyone and keep away

  20. The SU media could be a fantastic thing and a major part of campus life, sadly at UCLan this is not the case. I feel that in order to have an effective newspaper, television and radio you would probably have to have three or two full-time managers can can over-see the production of everything is at 100% and pretty much a 24/7 process. At the moment Frequency has no website, Pluto’s website is horribly out of date and PS-TV’s presence is non-existent. These are only part of some of the bigger issues. Saying it’s pretty dire would be an understatement, perhaps a little harsh but it is when looking at other Students’ Union media. Things need to change in order to have a productive and successful media outlet.

  21. The ban should remain. YBD are an awful promotions company who go around lying and deceiving new students. Last Freshers I overheard two of their reps attempting to sell tickets for MACs on the welcoming Sunday, their reps told the students that MACs was the biggest club in Preston and the official welcoming party for UCLan. Both lies. Do you really want a promotion company who goes around taking money from students leaving them with false hope?


    • Hi Bob Im Colin the YBD/MACs General Manager, The welcome Sunday This year wasn’t actually Promoted by YBD, it was a Foam Party Promoted by another Promotions Company Future Club Nights, so Im confused because my YBD Staff didn’t have any tickets to sell for this event?!? It was Promoted by the other Promo Company as the Official Welcome Party.

      your argument about MACs Not being the biggest Club in Preston, our Combined Facebook Pages have over 30,000 Likes Macs get 1200-1500 People every Saturday night Bank Holidays hitting 1700-1800, the Promo Staff are hardly Lying!

      anyway your entitled to your opinion I just wanted to clear afew thing up and maybe when the Ban Gets Lifted you never know you might even enjoy a Drink at Ships and MACs 🙂

    • I’d like to point out that the YBD promotions team for freshers was Outsourced to future UNI and not YBD staff members.
      I’m glad someone is taking a no stance, there will be a call for students who want to represent those views publicly – keep an eye on the SU page.


  22. Macs and Ships and Giggles are fantastic nights out, this ban is now old news and needs to be lifted !!!! cheap drinks and offers are in place !!! the venues are mostly student orientated and we cater for them to the best of our abilities !!! we love YBD, now you should too !!!!


  23. As a Social Sec of one of the newest society that was offered a lot of money from YBD, which we couldn’t take and instead had to borrow the money which we now have to pay back, something which could have been avoided, avoiding debt and they also offered us a place to train free of charge. In terms of socials, this company EASILY gives out the most to societies and sports and I know a lot of societies that would also back up what i’m saying. Snowsports for example, went to ships a few weeks ago, messaged the manager a few days before after i informed him and they had been offered drinks deals all night. I regularly have my socials here because we get so much free stuff, offered booths and the YBD keyrings give you such good extras.

    As a student, i think its ridiculous YBD cannot sponsor societies and sports! it is putting them at a disadvantage. I remember reading the article in my first year of university and while i did not find it personally offensive (pretty funny actually..) i understand why it could have caused offence. HOWEVER YBD have accepted their actions were wrong and YBD are being penaliSed when places like Rumes (Mokai) were still okay after that bounce by the ounce video? and a bouncer at Evoque set somebody on fire.. Evoque is the same company as Cameo also.. so basically Luminar’s (cameo/evoque) bouncers set a person on fire but thats ok?

    As a YBD worker, and i have no reason to say this other than it is the truth, YBD is a company ran for students by students. We aim to get a cheap night out for students, a safe environment with the nicest bouncers i’ve ever met who want to look after people and want to make sure everyone is okay and feeling safe. I completely understand MACs might not be everyones cup of tea as a night out but pubs like Ships and Giggles which is a versatile environment is also suffering with people being warned away from anything YBD. The people that work for YBD are students, the managers were students, we want what is best FOR STUDENTS. As for ‘Bob’ MACs is one of the biggest clubs in Preston..whether you wish to believe it our weekends and Thursdays speak for themselves.

    What people need to realise is YBD is not struggling without an affiliation with the university, YBD wants this affiliation back to give back to students as it did before when it was the sponsor for a LOT of sports/societies offering great incentives such as holidays!

    • You do realise that the ‘bouncers’ in Evoque, Cameo and MACs are the same, right? It’s all done by Elite Security.

      • I’m fully aware of that, some of MACs bouncers also work in evoque and cameo what i’m saying is that YBD produced an article which has lead to this uproar with the ban being put into place, somebody was set on fire in evoque, but that seems to be fine. YBD ban is in place for ships, MACs and before it closed, Blitz, but Evoque and other Luminar places (Cameo) seem to have gotten away with a lot worse. Also the general manager can choose who they want to work within their clubs, whether or not it is the same company.

    • “As a Social Sec of one of the newest society that was offered a lot of money from YBD, which we couldn’t take and instead had to borrow the money which we now have to pay back, something which could have been avoided, avoiding debt and they also offered us a place to train free of charge.”

      Out of interest why did you have to borrow money, could you have not approached another venue in Preston for sponsorship like most other clubs and societies? While the ban has been in place, I don’t understand why a club would get themselves in financial difficulty rather than look at the other sponsorship options in Preston who also provide free spaces that could be used. As well as the Students’ Union allowing clubs and societies to use the 53 Degrees space for training at no charge and supplying grants at the beginning of the year provided you can give valid reason such as needing equipment. It just seems clubs have hindered themselves by not using there initiative once the easy option of YBD sponsorship was gone.

      And in terms of the other clubs in Preston, I see you addressed Bob’s point about the bouncers and Rumes closed after that event and was taken over by a new owner and new management so the SU would have no reason to impose similar sanctions.

      • We did also approach other clubs within Preston and lots of other companies and also set up a funding page and a Thunder clap to try and get sponsorship also. We tried a lot of ways to get the money and YBD was the only club willing to sponsor us as we were and up and coming society (now one of the biggest) ..
        We do now train at 53 free of charge but we needed the money before we could train as the money for for equipment. And Mokai, even though taken over by a new owner then started a night called ‘Girls drink Free’ which if we’re talking about sexism I think it also very sexist.

    • As an ex-student who was a member of the FemSoc when the publication that got them banned was issued, here’s my take:

      We recognised at the time how tough this would be on clubs. I was running the fencing club and with one of the smallest memberships of any sport we knew exactly how big a task it was to find financial support anywhere other than YBD – especially when your sport’s rules prevent you from putting their logo on your kit. However all sports clubs and societies have a responsibility to reflect and uphold the values of the SU and university. The fencing club voted on this and decided that we could not put our wallets ahead of our ethics.

      I believe the right thing to do is to ask the same question now: will association with YBD contradict the ethical responsibility to have a union that is free from misogyny (and any other kind of bigotry)? If you genuinely believe that they have learned their lesson and can be trusted to behave in keeping with the values above, then by all means vote to lift the ban.

      I am no longer a student so I have no vote in this place, but I would want something a little stronger than just their “won’t do it again, honest guv” word before I would consider voting that way. I don’t think Preston is the worst town around for female students but I’d really like to feel that it’s moving in the right direction rather than being dragged back.

  24. The point I’m trying to get across in the piece is that the stigma states that the sex industry is shameful and sordid. It’s not my own opinion that I’m bringing to light, rather the general view presented by society

  25. we go here on socials on the time with umc, always get loads of free stuff and never had any problems i think its a joke this ban hasn’t been lifted sooner

  26. As the social sec of dance club I can only speak highly of the YBD team and management.

    Both macs and ships and giggles have offered us so much support over the year helping us fundraise money working together to create events for students.

    Management are so on hands and always there for whatever we need. They currently allow us to rehearse in macs for free which is Absoloutly amazing and we couldn’t be more grateful.

    On top of all this it is a fantastic night out and offers so much for students.

    Don’t punish them for the past..


  27. I go to Macs all the time, never have any trouble except once when i guy kept grabbing my arse and i told the bouncer and he removed him straight away when he saw i was distressed, didn’t drag him like ive seen before just escorted him out. Evoque however ive had a guy throw a drink on my and the bouncer said and i quote ‘i didnt see him do anything, but i’ll keep an eye on him’! i was soaking wet, drunk granted.. very drunk but clearly i was upsrt that i was soaked. but the SU promote evoque whose bouncers set people on fire and dont respect their customers.. but macs are in trouble for an article when theyve apologised. it just doesn’t make sense and i hope the ban is lifted soon, the staff are so nice in macs and they just dont deserve it

  28. As being part of Dance club, YBD have offered us so much from drink deals to rehearsal space.

    without the space Macs offered us we would of been unable to compete and win at the competitions as we get no funding from university for any equipment we need and we couldn’t be more grateful. We get out a lot more than they put in and that is why its a great opportunity for sponsorships and students.

    Leave the past behind.


  29. YBD are an honest fun and young promoting company for macs and they only promote the truth!!! This being super cheap drinks and entry specifically catered to students, having nights at macs such as ‘Monday madness’ with £1 drinks and £1.50 doubles etc. They are a hugely popular club in preston and it’s ridiculous this ban has not been lifted earlier because from what I’ve heard when people say they’re going to preston on a night out, it’s presumed, MACS without any second thought.

  30. The ban SHOULD be lifted! YBD provide great nights out and jobs for students and there are other clubs in Preston that have done worse!

  31. Half of you need to get real, obviously more than half of you will comment how great they are and how much you want to hang out of YBD’s ass…. Because they provide you with (minimal) funding and cheap alcohol (which is like paint stripper) doesn’t mean that they are a good company.

    The ban doesn’t mean that the su will be working with them. It just means students get the right to vote on the matter. Just as much as students voted on the matter a few years ago. Let’s face it they made a great decision.

    What an absolute farce Natasha Rose’s comments are… ‘Thought it was a laugh’ So calling women sluts and they should wear sandwich boards telling people they have just had sex is acceptable right? Just because they said sorry (of which i bet they didn’t mean) doesn’t make it ok. I wholeheartedly think that YBD is going down the pan hence coming crawling back out of the woodwork. For me it’s a NO vote.


    • Hi, just wanna say I was in Macs on thursday and again on Saturday and their house vodka is Smirnoff not exactly paint stripper, and both nights it was the busiest place in town 🙂

    • sorry are people not allowed a differing opinion? and i’m sure when you see someone walking home in heels and a dress at 10am you think oh she looks nice today i wonder why she is dressed up.. also I wouldn’t call Smirnoff Vodka ‘paintstripper’ but each to their own

    • Hi James, I actually think you’re the one who needs to get real. YBD wrote a few things on a peice of paper a few years ago. Think it’s time you stop wining now cause it’s people like you who annoy me. There’s bigger things to be crying about in the world. YBD have apologised, you should accept the apology and move on. I think Natasha Rose is entitled to her own opinion, and for you to penalise her for that, well your just a bit of a bully then. Some people have a sence of humour, take things with a pinch of salt. YBD are a great promotions company and I love macs and ships. I go on a regular basis and not once have I had any problems. And I think that’s the most important thing. They LOOK AFTER their customers.

  32. It’s mutually beneficial to work with YBD, they get business and we get sponsors. We shouldn’t shoot ourselves in the foot because of some politically correct idiots out there can’t look past a bad joke.

  33. I dont personally go to MACS but i love Ships and Giggles and BLITZ when it was open, Iv always found the staff to be nice and appropriate. Iv not read the ‘students guide to Preston’ but if the majority of students, knowing the reason for the ban. want them back then why not. Ships and Giggles is a great live music venue and i think these places need support to keep going! Such a shame about BLITZ.

  34. I do believe this to be the worst idea, that has ever come out of the Students Union. A promotion team that promotes homophobia and misogyny (dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women). I on many occasions have been approached by this so called Promotions Team and told lies about the club to get me in and when I turn them down politely to say I am going elsewhere be abused by the staff “Great Customer Service”. Coming from quite a strong background in night club Promotions I have never seen such a lame attempt. There guest appearance are always people who are know for utter shit or being “ladies men” or “promiscuous women”something I highly doubt would shine a good light on the Students Union. I say keep the ban also do we forget that time the club, underpaid or neglected to pay a bunch of our own students…. Really we are gunna work with this

    Dumb Ass Move if it goes Ahead

    • Do you have a recent example of them promoting “homophobia and misogyny (dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women)”

      You are off topic Attacking YBD becuase of their guest appearances ,
      1 its nothing to do with the refferendum,
      2 All night clubs get in similar acts (i.e dj’s, reality tv stars)
      3 Im pretty sure Coolio and DJ Jazzy Jeff were YBD acts , both were amazing to have in Preston

    • i’m sorry but where is this homophobia comment coming from? I’m sure our homosexual/bisexual staff and customers would have something to say about this comment

    • also if we are commenting on guest appearances, i’m afraid to say people like David and Victoria Beckham are usually busy when we try and book appearances.. our guests are usually similar to the ones that have been in other clubs in Preston such as reality stars but i suppose its okay because the other clubs aren’t YBD?

      • I was verbally attacked by your promo staff for saying I didnt want to go, they shouted after me “going to gay club obviously you batty boy” personally this isnt something I would want to hear, it didn’t bother me! However it may someone else. Also Natasha, if you read up on the news over the past few weeks you may find a lot of companies with gay and lesbian staff being done for homophobia.

  35. Also this #lifttheban nonsense needs to cease. Also to those of you who think its stupid that they cannot sponsor your society or sports team. Well believe it or not there are a hell of alot of other business who will sponsor you. Just because you want to go out and get rat arsed every night with cheap drinks and “poor alcohol” shows just how low you have sunk….

    • Needs to cease? Allow the students to vote on the matter and give them the choice. For or against. STUDENT union. STUDENT vote.

      • Hi,

        First of all I would like to say hello to Sophie as I am ‘kat’ that she talks about in her comment.

        Secondly, as you all would have guessed I am a ybd member of staff and I love the place! we work as a family unit and would never treat a customer the way that some people are commenting. Homophobia, sexism, discrimination are not tolerated as in any employment situation. I am amazed to hear about mr greys story about a member of our staff making a homophobic remark whilst working. As an experienced worker I would never of tolerated this and if heard would of dealt there and then and made the issue clear but I’m struggling to believe that it ever happened in the first place? and I’m sorry if it did but I can assure you the staff we have now would never make those kind of remarks as they are not tolerated, please feel free to come and discuss it with me if there is a problem, I’m outside macs from around 10pm every night except Tuesday and Sunday just ask for kitty 🙂

        Thirdly, Jenny I wear a vest top, a t-shirt and a hoodie for work AT THE SAME TIME !!! along with either black tights and a skirt or black jeans. Never have I ever been asked by a member of management to show off my ‘assets’ and I can assure you no member of staff ever would! Although go to Manchester and see what they wear in birdcage?? Leotard and nickers? seems funny that the only Jenny I can think of still currently works for us and is a student in Leeds. When did you work for us again?

        Lastly, we need to learn the saying forgive and forget. The article was 3 years ago and the ban is only affecting certain clubs. The ban was not made to stop people going to the club or made to make YBD loose custom. It was made because a article written for comedy purposes for the freshers was admittedly poorly written and caused offense but YBD HAVE APOLOGIZED! The ban is for societies to not be affiliated but if your not part of a club, like people have mentioned it doesn’t affect you?

        if you don’t like butter don’t put it on your toast… As with macs/ships if you don’t like us don’t come?!

        If we’re talking about things that are completely irrelevant I’ve forgiven a member of the current student union for something sent to me which I took offense to… Forgive and forget … Remember


  36. As the President of the Japanese Society @ UCLan, and a key campaigner in Lift The Ban. I strongly believe that YBD, since the incident 3 years ago have changed their way and are now a pro-active student supporting company, which intend (if allowed) to support student ran societies and sport teams. Not only do they support aports and societies, but they now provide a safe and fun environment for my fellow student cohort. Providing drinks discounts and a place where students can have fun (get drunk lol).

    I for sure will be voting in support of #Lift The Ban, and encourage all fellow students to use their voice and vote as well.

  37. I say #LiftTheBan Macs and Ships are mine and my flat mates favourite places to go on nights out! Much better than cameo or Evoque! The managers are always lovely, the staff are always lovely and the bouncers are a lot nicer than in any other club!

  38. Heres one for you,
    I dont enjoy Macs, I’m not a great fan of Ships, infact I dont really enjoy clubs at all, would much prefer a trip to the guild or source, however YBD do offer sports and societies a fantastic ammount of elp, and I dont think the ban is needed. all it seems to currently do is stop the University benefitting from a partnership with YBD, since they clearly still make money off of all the students that go there, the ban hurts us more than them, it seems senesless
    I say lift the ban, ~ and I probably still wont go to the clubs very often.

  39. I like how there is a general concensus all coming from people who work for Macs. Get real!

    I used to work for Macs – until I got told my tshirt (work tshirt) was too big (it was a size 8) and I should wear one of the vests they have, because ‘I have great assets’ and ‘it’ll draw more attention’ horrible and wreck less comments.

    As a member of the student community who doesn’t par take in any sports or societies I personally feel the ban should stay. It just feels like a desperate last ditch attempt to bail themselves out.


    • I’m sorry, but in three years of working at YBD never have I ever been told what to wear, I wear what I want and I don’t consider any of that sexually provocative or inappropriate. If anyone decides to wear a shorter skirt it’s their call, obviously as long as it’s appropriate, and that’s what the gender equality is about, if I’m not mistaken?

      Also I would like to believe that SU is a democratic organization, so #lifttheban, if students enjoy the venues, the sponsorship or any of our offers, we’ll be more than happy to see you. If you don’t like it, just ignore the YBD and places related to this company (I don’t see why, but everyone is entitled to an opinion).

      Lastly I just wanted to remind you, that the “Official Student Guide” was released years ago and most of the people who took part in the composing of it don’t even work for YBD any more.


    • Hi Jenny, I’ve only had one Jenny thats worked for me in the last 2 years, would you like to tell me who this manger was that wouldnt allow you to wear a shirt? MACs staff are allowed to wear what they feel comfortable in, in fact we allow our staff to bring In there own clothes so we can print YBD on them, I find it hard to believe you ever worked at MACs.

      • Jenny,

        They YBD management would never suggest or ask any member of staff to change their attire unless it wasn’t black. I personally would never support this kind of comment being made towards a member of staff. And yes i am female and part of the YBD/Macs team.

  40. It’s interesting how this article is the second most read story on the website with Coolio’s surprise sing song with UCLan students’ as the fifth most read one. If I remember right, YBD were responsible for bringing Coolio to Preston and it created such a buzz around the city, especially in the student community.

    Sure, YBD made a big mistake with their comments for which they held their hands up and apologised for but they don’t deserve the Spanish Inquisition.

    Whatever your opinion of YBD, Ships or Macs, the reason for lifting the ban should be done on merit and based on what they contribute to the student community which, judging by the comments from those who run societies and clubs, seems to be a lot, possibly more than many local and national businesses in Preston.


    • and 90% of YBD staff are students.. as staff we are not told we have to comment on this and it is simply a place of work. However, YBD staff are all very close knit and we enjoy where we work hence why we work there and all have strong opinions on this. myself especially who as a social sec (student and ybd staff) has to borrow a large amount of money for equipment when we could have been given it for free by YBD but because of the ban we were put at a disadvantage

  41. I am in favour for this ban being lifted. As treasurer for the pole society, I have witnessed first hand what a detrimental effect this ban can have on the student’s experiences within societies. Over summer, UCLan Pole Fitness was offered a substantial amount of money to buy all of the equipment we needed to continue as a society. Due to the ban, we were told that we had to refuse this, instead accepting a loan from the SU. This means that we are in debt to the student union and therefore have to charge our members higher prices for training.
    In addition, I feel that the venues are student led companies who are also for students. Taking the rest of the society to these venues on a night it is always a pleasure and we are always welcomed warmly.

  42. YBD is probably biggest family in the world. Every single staff member are trained to give the best customer service! Everyone is full of energy, ideas, excitment, that’s what keeps YBD going, and our dearest customers to come back. I have never seen such a good customer service nowhere else, cameo staff only smiles at you if you give them a tip, evoque stuff doesn’t smile at all. I’m sorry, but ships and giggles and macs are one of the busiest places in Preston, but we still smile, staff is always dancing, having a good time. And even bouncers everythere are from the same company, we have the best ones out the bunch, there is been numerous of times when I had to point out a fight for bouncers in cameo. That has never happened in macs! And I’ve been going there for almost two years! If cameo and evoque are working with SU, so should YBD! #LiftTheBan

  43. Hi there!

    You are all clearly trying to make some clear points here why you do not want the ban lifted and are going to vote against.
    However, you are forgetting that situations change and people make mistakes. Do note, when the flyer was first sent out (couple of years back) feminism and homophobia were not all over the media like they are now. That flyer was obviously a mistake, bad marketing move, but that was obviously due to the lack of knowledge on discrimination. People were trying to have a joke, without thinking of the consequences. Today, and you know this, everyone is much more careful and knowledgeable about race, gender and sexuality.
    Im not saying that what’s happened is right, but you need to realise time, people and businesses change.

    What the SU need to think about, is how to provide the best time & experience for the students of UCLan, including the thoughts of those who are in societies and those who just want to have a good time and have a dance.

    Note that MAC’s provides alcohol awareness information and training for the staff and looks after it’s customers. ‘Paint stripper’ is Smirnoff.

    From my point of view, as a student, marketing aficionado and event manager (as well as bartender of MACS for over 2 years), lifting the ban would be beneficial to all parties involved. Societies will get sponsorship and some deals, SU will be able to work alongside MACs (which opens a lot of doors for both in terms of student events, and MACs will not be a taboo on the student campus.

  44. I find it quite strange that people are using this forum as an excuse just to attack YBD! From what I am told, the company was started by a student for students!

    Now I don’t exactly spend every weekend in MACs or Ships&Giggles but personally I have never had any issue with the venue or staff. If the ban is lifted it gives students more options for help and funding towards their team/society which is the important thing here…to help the students!

    Regardless to the fact that it may be YBD staff commenting or just ‘haters’ making themselves feel better. We have to ask, would it benefit students and I personally feel that yes it would. Personally I am not involved in any teams or soceities because I just don’t care but I feel this could help those that are in teams/societies. So I say lift the ban!!


  45. To ‘Jenny’
    i don’t wear makeup and also too have great assets. All covered up. While in my time working there (over 2 years) i have not been asked once to change my top or wear more make up to appeal to the customers.
    Also, when did you work there?

  46. Just to make things clear:

    Lifting the ban will not make the SU have an automatic partnership with YBD.

    It will give student run groups (sports and societies) a chance to CHOOSE if they are sponsored.

    What different is it going to make to anyone else???
    If the ban is not lifted then YBD still continues its business, individual groups of friends can still go there. They just won’t sponsor clubs and societies.
    I really don’t understand why this referendum happening has anything to do with YBD business validity. In fact, I’m pretty sure by giving money to people who already drink in there (not going to increase their revenue significantly) they will lose money!! Which by the way, was decided BY THE STUDENTS and not YBD management (as they can’t influence a referendum).

    As a student running several groups I want my team to be able to CHOOSE where to drink.

    YBD have apologised, they were rude in the past, but it’s over you can see their apology here:

    I’ll be the first to come down on them if they are homophobic/misogyinic or degrading. If you think they are then back up your claims with evidence!

    I think people need to do their research before commenting on this with accusations and statisics they can’t back up.

  47. tbh macs aint my scene, more of a warehouse kinda girl but as a member of different societies in the uni i think the comittee should be able to choose to associate and be sponsored by ybd if they want, the article was pretty shitty and i found it really offensive but its been like 3 years now? they’ve not done anything else since and have apologised.. ive been walking through town to work before past macs and the staff have asked me to come in (selling tickets) and ive just said no macs is shit lol and theyre always dead cool about it and have a laugh with me, 2 girls in particularly i think her name is kat and anabelle (it was a few months back) stood out once they were pretty persuasive but not overbearing, just stood and had a chat with me before work and im not gonna lie they put a smile on my face after a pretty shitty day. that stuck with me even if it was a while a go so i dont get why people are slating their staff so much. there just doing a job guys.. but i have been to wheres mavis at ships a few times and reckless when it was at blitz and they were amazing

  48. these comments seem like a personal vendetta against macs now? i hate macs, i hate ships, i used to go to blitz every now and again. i hate preston nightlife its all shit. i think everywhere is just shit places for a night out but thats just my opinion (from london..) i dont think banning societies and sports from using them at their own discretion is the way to go! im not part of any sports because im lazy and im a third year now so theres not much point but if i was i wouldnt wanna be restricted like it sounds like some people have been just because people seem to have what looks like really petty issues with macs like ‘paint stripper vodka’ (hav you ever tasted warehouses.. lol) and everywhere does cheap codka except evoque who will charge you about a tenner for a single, no mixer, i’m not a cheapscate but im a student and i dont have £100 to spend on a night out and an article written yearssss ago

  49. As a student and someone who promotes for YBD I feel the ban should be lifted as it has negative effects for students especially sport societies who wish to enjoy their social nights working with MACs. I feel like YBD has the right as well as every other club/bar in Preston to allow societies to work with them as it can only bring good to both parties.

    An apology has been issued and surely it can be accepted as it was for something that happened 2 years ago which obviously has had detrimental effects. I’m a third year student and probably won’t feel the effects if the ban does get lifted but it would provide a better future for YBD and students at UCLAN and I think everyone deserves that!

    YBD was made by students FOR students. Forget the past, lift the ban.

  50. Having read through the comments and the article, I just wanted to echo what Emili, Natasha Rose and Nadia have said. (amongst other comments)

    I don’t really see how keeping the ban in place is doing anything but potentially ‘hurt’ students. Students are still going in MACS/Ships and Giggles, all lifting the ban will do is give us (the students) the choice wether to use them as a place for ‘official’ socials / potentially open societies/clubs up to more sponsorship.

    Yes they may have made a big mistake in publishing/distributing the flyer but that was in 2012…they have apoligised and in all honesty was it worse than what other clubs have said /done in the past and not received a ban for? It’s besides the point now anyway.
    I have never expeirenced any homophobic,degrading or misogyinic events/comments etc within either Macs or Ships and Giggles, in fact the opposite, The bouncers and Colin seem to have a zero tolerance policy. I could argue that other clubs I have been in, that having people grab me or make comments are somewhat the norm….again it’s really besides the point and has nothing to do with wether a ban should be in place or not.

    I’m glad there is going to be a referrendum which will allow students to vote on whether they think the ban should be lifted, I know I’ll be voting YES to lifting the ban.

  51. This ban should of never ever been put in place!!! What an absolute joke.. Macs has to be one of the busiest clubs in town and has a very good reputation due to the good man that is “Andy Mac” a very respectable guy who has a very respectable and thriving business.. Its all abit pathetic really.. If i was a student(which im not) and someone said to me “oh your not allowed to work for that club as all uni students are banned from working for them” straightaway i would tell them to jog on.. At the end of the day students are atudents… They do what the want, when they want, how they want!! Just lift this ban and give up with all this pathetic rubbish!!!!!!

  52. After working for Macs/ YBD for the past 5 years and now being a supervisor of the venue i have never once experienced a member of staff being asked to wear ‘more revealing’ clothes nor have i ever asked staff to change there uniform as they have ‘great assets’ unfortunately Jenni i do not remember these said incidents and i personally apologise for you feeling this way.

    As a lot of you know Macs is a student run company for the students and offers great deals for the locals and the student population throughout the week. They have brought some amazing acts to Preston, does anyone remember the gangster paradise video with the Uclan students?
    YBD have apologised numerous times and are doing everything they can to prove that was a bad marketing idea and it was mistake and was not meant to offend any student or person. Does this mean that this grudge has to continue for another year? Should this have to affect sports and social teams getting funding or having a place to practice or even attending a venue that they actually want to?…. I’m not saying that YBD was right to produce the article but they have accepted there wrong doings, held their hands up and apologised. Considering other venues have made newspapers and viral videos not exactly representing themselves in a great light means that YBD seems to be taking a harder punishment.

    i think that students should have the right to their own opinions have the option to go to one of the YBD affiliated venues whether that be Ships or Macs, they should have the options who sponsors them and where they can have socials.

    With regards to the ‘paint stripper vodka’ comment our house vodka is Smirnoff if you wish to drink a more premium brand then that is also available upon request at the bar.

    I hope that people actually take the time to form a logical opinion and don’t just jump on the band wagon and think that YBD are some form of enemy. As i said its a student run company for the students.

  53. MACs is a great night out with two dance floors of great music to suit everyone’s taste. Its cheap as fuhhh for drink and we all students so every penny counts when it comes to getting drunk.. #LiftTheBan #GLUCK

  54. Just for clarification… This publication was published in 2012. A motion was brought to the annual members meeting, and it passed. Meaning the SU was subjected to impose a ban on creating a partnership with any YBD venue.

    Since then, Myself and other officers have met with members of the YBD management and discussed different options around the ban. Because students voted on this motion at the AMM it becomes policy, and you can’t lapse policy easily, – it’s just not that simple. You either have to ride it out, or trigger a referendum – which has happened and it’s great news as it’s the first of it’s kind to happen at UCLan. – I have a copy of the official apology from YBD and will happily show anyone who wishes to see it.

    I’m encouraging people reading the article, and commenting to get involved in the referendum and to truly have your say in relation to lifting the ban. That way we can be sure democracy has taken it’s place and students have voiced their opinion. Ultimately giving the power back to students.

    Understandably, some people aren’t happy with Macs, with Ships etc and they are entirely allowed an opinion. To those people who don’t want the ban to be lifted and want to start a ‘NO’ campaign please email me or get in touch and i can assist you with some information. – – That is not me encouraging a no campaign, it’s me enlightening students how to go about it. (i’m for the referendum before someone kicks off)

    Hope everyone get’s involved 🙂


    • I know you’re saying your for the referendum and course you are cause t gives the su publicity.. But why are you only asking the no campaign to get involved. My friend have spoken to your loads of times and you’ve made it well clear you don’t like macs, seem as bit biased.

      • we can have fair representation then.

        The yes side were formed from the start as we were the ones calling the referendum. The SU has to give the no side a chance to form too. Lee is just voicing that!

        I want the No side too, and I called the referendum.
        Don’t read into owt x

  55. Despite being a recent YBD staff member, my view is not bias. I will speak as a Student of UCLan and not as a member of staff.

    From my first year in Preston I lived for the ‘3 in a bed’ night out on Saturdays, it was affordable and they’ve always had good deals for Students. Where else can you get £1 drinks all night on a Thursday and good music?

    I feel it’s unfair this ban has gone this long that, Students and Societies, are only getting their say now and have been missing out on these great deals. The main aim of YBD as whole is to ensure Students have the best night out possible.

    By one of YBD’s venues being situated on campus and being opened from 12 every day, I feel that it’s unfair that Students aren’t being able to take advantage of this. Ships isn’t just a pub or pre drinks bar, there’s a lot more things going on to give Students the opportunity to take their mind off studies and be able chill. Not only Societies are affected by this ban but all Students. YBD have formally apologised and have agreed they were wrong, why should the SU ban them from helping UCLan Societies?

    Why should you support this ban, do you realise Students are poor? Why turn away funding?


    Now, the only thing I have to point out from being a member of staff and regarding Jenni’s comment on uniform is that, I am promo and shot girl and I have never been told what to wear than ‘wrap up warm’. I can buy what I want and ask YBD to print it.

  56. It’s great to see everyone getting involved and expressing their views about the referendum.

    This is exactly the reason I wrote the piece. Those of you who have commented – both for and against – are welcome to join me on a live radio show to debate the pros and cons of lifting the ban.

    If you’re interested contact me via:

  57. I can’t believe the ban hasn’t been lifted earlier! YBD are the most fun and hard working promotions company I’ve ever known! they offer great cheap deals and the staff are always really friendly! when I go out I always go to Ships and Macs as I’m always guaranteed a good and cheap night!

    as a student myself I want to spend as little as I can when I go out but still get drunk and YBD definitely gives you that opportunity!

    So I say forget the past and #LiftTheBan

  58. Hi Ellis,

    There’s a few things i’d like to clear up:

    1) Like many other people, i don’t like Macs or Ships. It’s not my taste. I prefer different scenes.
    2) There’s no bias about it, there’s a lot of people in this thread who are for the ban, and who will be genuinely leading a Yes campaign for the ban to be lifted. Some people may fear if they voice a no opinion that they will become ambushed by comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If i didn’t give people the option to run a ‘NO’ campaign the bias would sit on the ‘YES’ vote. It’s only fair.
    3) The SU would be getting publicity anyhow regardless of a comment thread, since it derives from a union ban that was formed from policy in 2012 from the annual members meeting & also because it’s part of the SU leadership race where the referendum will actually take place. I’m for the referendum, because as President, it’s my duty to ensure student’s voices are being listened too. It wouldn’t be democracy – It would be a dictatorship.



  59. Any encounter I have had with folk in YBD gear they have always came across stuck-up and lacked basic skills of working with people. The latest is when I asked two lovely females about what they were trying to sell and they gave me the dirtiest look and just walked away. Horrible.

  60. Made up for Royal Blood picking up an award, their success within the last year has been mega. They have gained become so popular so fast it is unreal. From doing Sound City in Liverpool to playing major festivals like Download and now they’ve spread to the US. Boss.

  61. This is a interesting article which I hope will inspire more young people to have a voice. Young people need positive role models and this is a really good example .

  62. From the former Chairman who set up the 5th team (and the 4ths) this is superb news !! get in there.. well done lads !! from my memory (1991-onwards) 17-0 is a club record !!


  63. Well done Patrick, I had a similar enlightening moment and developed a free page on FaceBook.

    I recognised someone I knew within days was able to help them. Keep up the good work. Steven

  64. I have to say, it’s rather amusing to see a self-confessed Batman aficionado be completely unaware of Frank Miller’s seminal 1986 graphic novel, “The Dark Knight Returns”, and how the very concept of “Batman V Superman” as a film, including the mechanical suit, is directly inspired by that very novel.

    Is it attempting to piggyback on the success of, arguably, Marvel’s most successful standalone franchise, or is it remaining faithful to the inspiration for the film that came out over 20 years before Marvel’s – and Iron Man’s for that matter – mainstream cinematic success?

  65. Source will have a Varsity breakfast available between 11am-1pm tomorrow.

    We will also have £1.50 drinks from 8pm after Varsity to celebrate UCLan’s performances win or lose!!!

  66. Disgusting. I missed the bulk of it, but I did notice they were mainly targeting pharmacy students? Perhaps that’s the best lead to who the vile creature is behind this.

    On a related note I do find the response time from UCLan amazing when it comes to these ‘parody accounts’. They go up and are removed no more than a day or two. Really good work by who ever is in charge of that area, looking after students welfare online.

  67. I had lots of issues with the ballot of the women’s conference not least of which being the backing of a movement that seeks to abolish women’s prisons in the UK, only women’s prisons mind you, and a motion that specifically states it is only a problem if straight men crossdress as fancy dress, the jazz-hands thing wasn’t well explained on most fronts of social media and mostly came across as classic Tumblr-brand radical feminist dramatics.

    I would also say that considering that at around the same period as the conference the government, with surprising support from feminists authors, changed the definition of female genital mutilation to include adults who had chosen to get genital piercings that supporting them may not be the best stand as they seem to be reducing women’s autonomy.

  68. You should have written a spoiler alert at the beginning for those who don’t want key moments of the film revealed. I think you need to assign a student whose more passionate about reviewing films, to entice people to pay a visit to the cinema.

    • Thank you for your comment. This piece was published early and without the culture editor looking at it. We have removed it from the website breifly so the culture editor can look at it.

  69. An interesting read and nice to get both sides of the coin. It’s in severe need of a quick proof read-though.

  70. ridiculous the place has had to close because customers were leaving drunk, from a night club…

  71. It’s highly unlikely the hearing will close down the club all together, perhaps a month or two month closure but even that is unlikely. They will more than likely be hit with a heavy fine and remain open. But if they do close, as students it will not affect us as it will 100% be open in time for next September.

    MACs always seems to have some kind of trouble, either with opening or keeping up with a good quality. I wonder what issue will be next for the club.

    But yeah, stop panicking folks.

  72. Andy Mac and his team give so much support to the people of Preston giving support to Evanfest raising £1400 for Bipolar and other charity events all the Mac’s staff are great people, I am 54 ex Landlady of The Lamb on Church street actively involved in the live music scene in Preston, organising events in Preston with so much support we have received from Mac’s team. I have been drinking in Mac’s bar never seeing any trouble just people having a great time and the staff always look after the customers. I would like to say that I feel safer in Mac’s than at the other end of town near Yates etc that end of town is just a thug battle field every time I have been to that end of town have experienced nothing but fights and blood baths leading me to go to Mac’s to continue my night out. Which is why what is happening at Mac’s is so unjustified. Preston would loose a great team if Andy Mac and his team were to move on to another town I would not blame them as they have had so much negativity from the so called authorities. from a disgusted Lynda Lamb

  73. Surely she is portraying her lyrics in a more visual format for the viewers to see? It gets people talking, and shocks the audience. I wouldn’t say it’s been glorified, music is meant to touch its audience..

    Look at 60s lyrics, such as Jimi Hendrix. You don’t hear those people talk about how his lyrics made them want to go out and try hardcore drugs and use women. If it upsets the viewers, then maybe they shouldn’t watch it. Viewer discretion is always advised. Robbie Williams had a video in which he tore off his own skin, which was banned, but did you see the youth of the 90s want to strip down to their bones..? No.

    Being a musician is being an artist. Whether it’s in audio or visual format. Many painters have also personified rape into their paintings, yet that’s okay due to the beauty of their brush strokes?

    You need to realise that social norms are ever changing. News are reporting more horrifying atrocities day by day, people are playing games with blood in them, it doesn’t mean that it would be recreated. The world is ever changing and people will push the boundaries.

    Whitesnake in their video ‘Here I Go Again’ shows them dancing on cars, which is a serious breach of the Road Safety Act. Why wasn’t anything done about that? That could’ve taught the children of that time that dancing on cars is okay.

    Let her get on with making money to not pay tax on and focus on real issues happening in the world, not someone who sings as a living.

  74. This is really awful news for the majority of students attending unis such as UCLan, without the maintenance grant it makes higher education even more unaffordable for many students. I am a mature student with no family to help me out with my expenses, a disability which limits my scope for part-time work and I am not eligible for a student overdraft. Without the maintenance grant I could not possibly have afforded to study, and making it repayable simply piles debt upon debt. Once again the government is making this a 2-tier country with fewer and fewer prospects for the average person.

  75. This really does sadden me, as my time at UCLan was fantastic but landed me in tremendous debt.
    as student finance is already complicated and very stressful to navigate, i lived off the assumption that i was only entitled to a loan, and although in my 3rd year i was entitled to a grant, i was still unable to receive it.

    Living off a maintenance loan can be very tough as it is. My rent per annum was around £4000, which meant that my loans didn’t quite keep me maintained and i had to take up part time work as well as dip into a student overdraft just to pay my rent. I ended up being £1,500 overdrawn which was mostly down to paying extra for rent and 2 years after leaving uni im only just managing to clear my overdraft.

    If it wasn’t for a part time job putting an extra £60 into my account every week, im sure i would have starved in my 1st year. Alot of students cant find part time work and dont rely on their parents to get by.

    Life of a student is stressful, but the financial troubles they get into are terrible. Should we really be making things alot worse for students by taking help away?

    At times like these we need to be supporting our future generations, not abandoning them to suffer and waste their education.

  76. The reality of the situation is that the majority of students won’t pay this back in full anyway. This means that whether it be a grant or a loan the tax payers will still end up footing the bill as after 30 years anything we owe will be written off… Great for students, not so great for the wider economy. I absolutely support the way in which we pay our loans back, and am very greatful for that fact personally. However from an economic viewpoint it is such a stupid idea, the government are still going to end up spending more money than they will get back… By making the grants loans, AND GIVING US EVEN MORE MONEY, students will be better off in the short term, and long term we will only probably pay a small amount back anyway, unless we are lucky enough to earn plenty of money… So really by increasing the amount we get, all the goverment are really doing is spending more of taxpayers money that they won’t be likely to get back!!

  77. Over the last ten years from what I can remember, any club in this space has been closed down for similar reasons. This is a reflection on the Police and not on the club owner. A shame for all those who have lost their jobs.

  78. How about you go about upcycling rather than pushing new purchases, we are all skint students! An upcycling piece would be ace coming to think of it..

  79. i will be visiting Preston for three weeks from Los Angeles and will be there for that game. Come on USA USA USA

  80. I will be visiting Preston for three weeks from Los Angeles and will be there for that game. USA USA USA

  81. I think it’s important that we look at the ethics behind the companies we are happy to have a relationship with. Would we be happy to buy from a company that openly works in occupied lands? Lands that have been illegally occupied for a number of years. This affects the lives of young people/students that live there – should it matter that they do not belong to our Union or our Country? What does that say about our care for the wider community?

    I understand the thinking behind only working on policy that affects our students, but I believe it would be detrimental to only do that. I feel policy like this is put in place to educate people, I would bet that most people do not know enough about this issue to give an informed opinion. I am definitely by no means an expert, but from what I do know, I think if most people knew about the ethics behind the much loved drink, they would think twice about buying it

    I also feel, before addressing this as a Union we should ask our members/students what they think on the issue and try to improve understanding so people can make informed choices.

  82. I believe the stance taken by the NUS is the correct stance. I am aware of what is going on in PALESTINE and we as a country urged for it to be seen as a stand alone country this very year. I believe once people are educated in the poverty terrors put on this land that the reason behind the boycott would get many students within our country to stand with NUS. Once coca cola stop associating itself with ISRAEL then the boycott would seize. A short term loss of buying a product for ethical reasons to achieve the long term freedom of PALESTINIANS is a great cause and I am disgusted our sabbatical officers are trying to turn this positive step around

  83. I understand NUS has a good stance on this but with coca cola having such a large range of the products bought into the shops, would mean greater costs to the union and could make less people visit and go elsewhere.

  84. Sana you make a good point about educating our students about the effects buying coca-cola products can have and perhaps education on this subject is something which is seen to be necessary. However, removing consumer choice is arguably the least effective way of persuading people to support this cause.

    UCLan SU’s charitable objective is:
    “To advance the education of the students of the university of Central Lancashire for the benefit of the public by promoting the interests of the student by representation, support and advice, and providing social and recreational activities for students.”
    Everything we do must conform to this outline, as anything else is illegal for the union.

    I completely agree that we, as elected representatives, should seek the opinions of UCLan students. One of my major issues with this motion to boycott/divest is that there was little or no time for me (or you) to consult students in anywhere near as much depth as is necessary.

    Jade it’s great to get your opinion that this is a positive step, as you are one UCLan Student. As elected officers the members of the Student Affairs Committee each acted as they deemed appropriate based on the students we represent.

    As a trustee of the Union I have to consider the financial impacts on the Union and as a representative I consider what this will mean for our students in the support we are able to provide.

    The issue here is not whether UCLan students or students nationally, facilitated by NUS, choose to educate other students about what effects Coca-Cola has on Isreal and Palestine. The issue is that of autonomy for SUs.

    The bottom line is this: I do not believe that this is something NUS NEC should decide and subsequently force upon Students’ Unions. Given the complexity of the impacts on SUs of the NUS purchasing consortium removing coca-cola products, this is an issue to be discussed and decided upon by SUs individually.

  85. Josie – agree on your response in terms of completley cutting consumer choice being a bad move to educate people. The issue I have is that by having 4/5 of our officers effectively saying “this is not important to our students” you are giving the impression that our students do not care about such matters because of your position as role models of the SU.

    If the charitable aims of the Union are “…To advance the education of the students of the university of Central Lancashire for the benefit of the public…” then I think educating students on making ethical decisions when buying any product is an essential part of that education and should be looked at.

    I think it is unfair for this article to not give a full view on what actually happened at NEC. From the information I received, there was a breakdown of democratic process. It was in essence a body of representatives saying one thing and one member going against and overriding those other individuals and all the students they are representing, to do something different.

    As a Union that is affiliated with the NUS, surely democracy (regardless of what that motion/policy was for) should be our main priority. Before we get into the details of coca cola or any other unethical choices made by our Union, we should look to addressing the very fact that a majority of sabbs of the NEC were ignored. Is that the sort of behaviour we want to be seen to be supporting?

    I think I will definitely be bringing this to Council and perhaps it could be one of the options for the Big vote?

  86. As I said, the open letter was to ask NUS not to make this decision rather than allowing SUs to have autonomy

  87. Well done SAC on provoking debate around this by taking a contentious stance. Now we need to continue the debate, with an education and awareness drive so that UCLan students can make an informed choice when considering whether or not too buy Coca – Cola. While we’re at it, let’s debate Nestlé products too…there’s a company that’s unethical. In fact, there’s a comment piece for Pluto in all of this, methinks.

  88. Who seriously actively shops there? It is more convenient as everything at Essentials is so damn expensive.. which is ironic as it is a student shop…

  89. Ilyena – I believe it would have a big affect on our other commercial services, such as Source Bar and The Atrium, as well as Essentials.

    Nicola – You’re right, we do need to continue the debate and help educate within matters such as this one.

    It’s important to remember that as representatives we are here to be the voice of our students, however with this particular situation, like Josie said, there was no time to consult our students as NUS acted so quickly without consultation.

    I think the main issue is that with NUS not consulting Unions, they are not representing their membership but instead the opinion of a smaller group.

  90. Hi,

    I believe the festival is looking for local ‘unknown’ artists to submit work for possible inclusion in one of the events. Please can you send me any details. I have worked in arts, music and entertainment in the area for the past thirty odd years and would like to be involved. Preferably exhibiting or even performing. But am available to help out too. I’ve got experience in event management etc having organised countless concerts and events and worked at such since the early eighties – this includes Video Crew Team Member for Jettisoundz/Visionary video label (filmomg at Futurama Festival, Clrendon Hall London, Lobdon Appollo, Manchester Academy, Rebelion Festival Blackpool etc.) Art designer for B Festival in Eskdale, Organiser and Promoter Summer Days music festival and St.Annes Music festival in the Fylde, Blackpool Film Festival and many more. I’ve worked in all capacities from Runner on movie and TV commercial shoots to sound engineer, rigger androadie, PR to Performer, set building, art design, property making, front of house, backstage etc.

    I make sculptures out of found items and also draw and paint (I’ve designed several music album sleeves and Video and DVD sleeves as well as various logos and promotional flyers, fanzines and murals.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes.
    Richard King

  91. One of these again…

    1. If you’re aiming this at both guys and girls here. Stop calling it ‘Lad’ culture. It doesn’t portray that it’s a unisex problem.

    2. Drinking in excess at university is nothing new and having the university step in will do nothing to change that. We’re young adults with money. if people want to drink, they’ll drink. If you don’t want to drink, stand by your word and if you feel peer pressured into it, find more none drinkers and hang out with them. Don’t blast people for enjoying themselves.

    3. These cat calls, wolf whistles, groping etc are not new either. Hell, it’s getting a lot better I’d say. And this is coming from a guy who was spiked in freshers fortnight. The majority of the problem lies outside of university with locals I’ve noticed. Any ‘lad’ from the university I know, would intervene if a girl was made uncomfortable.

    The real fix, is advice people to speak out and to act together. If someone is being a creep tell them they’re creeping you out, and if they don’t take the hint, tell someone who can do something about it or avoid the situation by cold shoulder and walk off, there isn’t a lot more you can do… But where do we draw the line?

    Stop drawing lines and enjoy yourself. This isn’t a new issue nor is it a university problem, it’s a nationwide/worldwide issue called sexism. It’s gradually straightening itself out.
    As for drinking, I’m an adult, all of us are. Please stop judging myself and others for our lifestyle choices.

  92. The fact the post mix in most of the NUS bars will be Coca cola, if they did they would be having to replace and having to pay for these to be replaced in all venues… Therefore a pointless boycott and will cost more than it’s worth.

  93. It states that under 24’s are most at risk, but I myself, at 30 is still going to mix with everyone, yet I’m not offered the jab.
    I am trying to get the jab before I return for my third year but I am struggling to get anywhere with my GP.
    I don’t think age should come into it as I know that I will socialise during my time at uni.
    I could still be at risk to catch Meningitis regardless of my age!

  94. I am trying to and waiting to hear back if my GP will provide it for me.
    I have also signed up to the UCLan medical centre.

  95. seen the show it was fantastic, loved every minuet well done to all the cast as for Chloe Saunders what a bundle of energy there all stars in the making (brilliant )

  96. Well done! just read this article. I was the president in 93/94. Hope you’ve enjoyed your start so far.

  97. I was at the game on Saturday and I think it was a definite red card. It’s not a question of malicious intent, Garner’s actions were dangerous. Danny Batth was able to play on, but had the impact been at a slightly different angle it could’ve been much worse. And it’s not true that Batth wasn’t hurt, he had to go off to receive medical treatment. He did continue, but he was lucky to be able to. Without a doubt, Garner deserved to be sent off. The FA would have overturned it otherwise.

  98. I like many others called Glen my friend and someone I admired. He was passionate, intelligent and a real force of good in life and for the University. Glen will be missed, myself and his best friend Jim will be organising a small humanist service for him, sometime this week at the University. Please feel free to come and celebrate Glen and what he stood for, his passion for science and discovery and more so being human. More news will follow.

  99. Rest in peace – you touched the lives of so many people without them even realising it, and now they’ll never get to give you the thanks you deserve. x

  100. I’m currently with Mike Gibbons on Brackenbury Road in Preston, and we had a few rough patches but since then; everything has been fine. No deposit requests, not extra fees; the house has been fine 95% of the time and we’re all living their happily.

    • Mike Gibbons is a con man. Ripped me off in 2007, 9 years ago and shocked to read he’s still up to his old tricks. Leopards DO not change their spots. AVOID this man at all costs. He’s a thief who’d rob your Grandma!

  101. I loved reading this piece Lucy, gave me some real good advice on different outfit styles! Thanks for your fashion piece I enjoyed reading 🙂

  102. Maybe the first definitely the worst I have ever visited in the world . My front room is bigger , staff incompetent, the last time I entered the premises queued for ten minutes in that time realised they had run out of around half of the menu and nearly sparked a riot when a group of lads had queued for ages to be told there was no GRAVY ! Arguably a selling point when it comes to many peoples choice of fast food chicken purchase good riddance .

  103. Glad to see the curling on here, however I was disappointed that the fabulous achievement by England’s ladies to finish fourth in the B group was not mentioned. (Not to belittle the fantastic achievement by team Muirhead,) England’s ladies are improving every year, keep a lookout for them in the future.

  104. ‘Dare any girl to spend a whole 7 days make-up free and she’ll undoubtedly wince.’

    For someone who hardly wears make up I am both ashamed and disappointed to see a student newspaper blanket statement women into plastering themselves in make up: women and make up are not even intrinsically linked. I am glad she ‘lived’ through this ‘horrible’ ordeal…. Women are more than just make-up and more than this implies.

    • Hi Ilyena

      My apologies, I probably should have reworded this to ‘most girls’ or the majority. Women are definitely more than make-up but some of us just feel less confident without it. It is horrible for some! I’m glad you feel comfortable enough not to wear it.

      No offense was intended 🙂

  105. @ llyena. I’m pretty sure if you had bothered to read the whole article you would of realised it was written as a personal experience by someone and for people who wear lots of make-up daily. Good read and a insight into how make up effects “the majority” of women.


    Hey, at least they eat well right?!

    Of course horse racing is cruel, so is grey hound racing. Animals here are a commodity to make money. If people can justify the knowledge of what happens to animals in order for the pleasure of humans then that’s absolutely fair enough but don’t pretend it’s not cruel. Next they will be an article that fox hunting is to control fox populations!

  107. Still absolutely gutted by this. A phenomenal project that was ran so well! It really gave international students a great way to get involved and meet new people as well. Sad news.

  108. You are so interesting! I do not suppose I have read through a single thing like that
    before. So nice to discover somebody with a few genuine
    thoughts on this subject. Really.. thank you for starting this up.
    This site is one thing that is required on the web, someone with a
    bit of originality!

  109. Actually it was a great summer. I hope next time you will have different experience about Kilimanjaro and Tanzania in general as we have many more to offer.

  110. Hi I’m Chelsea Craven I’m a fresher here at uclan studying broadcast journalism. I’m so excited to be here and I took lots of interest in Pulse Media. I have loads of experience that I know will help the team grow even more. I was born in the united states and I’ve just come back from being in Brazil for 18 months doing missionary service. I’ve lived in Gloucester with my family for 4 years and I absolutely love the UK. I studied media studies, photography, and English literature as part of my A levels in Cheltenham. Please keep in contact with me and let me know of any opportunities you have for me. You can be sure I will be more than a plus to Pulse Media.

  111. Some proud alumni knocking about. Well done, Spinners. I am so so so proud of you. I miss you all so so much and I’m so so so sorry I couldn’t make it. Sometimes I feel I can’t come back because I’d be too emotional. I will endeavor to visit you and watch you soon xxxx

  112. If you won every argument you wouldn’t live in a democracy.

    Remain Lost. We are not staying in the European Union, because the UK decided Leave, in the interest of the majority.
    All this article is is whining, and arguing after the fact. Stop it. You are not going to ‘Fight Brexit’, you already did that in the referendum, and Remain lost. The fight is over. Respect democracy.

    There’s no point in convincing people that Brexit will be bad, and we shouldn’t do it, we had that debate, and the UK chose Leave.

    There’s no point in saying ‘Leave lied’ so they can’t have their way… they did… but so did Remain. It’s a dishonest argument.

    You ARE dividing the country. After the referendum we should all come together under what the majority vote chose. If Scotland chose to become independent, you’d say it was absurd if parts of Scotland tried to remain in the United Kingdom, whilst others left.

    It is your duty as a voter, to respect the vote. If Remain won, i would be upset that i didn’t get my way, but i would respect the vote and not try to force my minority opinion upon the majority.

    I voted Leave. Why are you saying my vote suddenly doesn’t matter. I believe that leaving is the better choice, and this is the majority opinion. Who are Remainers to say that i am wrong, and assert that as fact.

    We had to make a decision, the Leave argument won. Why on earth wouldn’t we Leave.

  113. Representatives are there to represent their constituants views, not their own personal opinions. A representative should represent their voters, and present any problems those voters may have to the Committee. I think this comment article has strayed far, far from the point raised. A Male Rep is being debated because Men don’t feel represented by the SAC –

    personally, if representation is being called for, I believe representation is needed.

  114. On one hand, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need gendered reps.
    But unfortunately it’s not a perfect world. There’s should be a female rep because I’m sure however educated men can be wouldn’t understand the woes and problems women go through especially in education. However, that can be equally said about men to a lesser extent so therefore it would be ‘equal’ to both have the gendered reps. I don’t know what’s so hard to just allocate 2 reps to both accommodate everyone.

    It’s like saying in a lgbt group or organisation, you’d only have one rep and they’re a gay male. That’s unfair and doesn’t further accommodate to the needs of minorities (even within minorities). The LGBT community already is strife with biphobia and transphobia.

    In addition, despite mainstream feminism stating that they talk about men’s issues, they don’t nearly enough to bring awareness about said issues. Men’s issues are a part of feminism as both men and women are both damaged by the same oppressive gender system of patriarchy. To not have allocated services for men would be ignoring and further hindering the progression of equality. What’s the point to fighting for something when you can’t even listen to what the other group’s needs? ( I don’t mean listening to men’s sexist spiel but actual problems of mental health, toxic masculinity and gender identity). The men’s rep goes beyond just accommodating cis straight men as you have trans men and men of ethnic minority to think about.

  115. “Womansplanning” ???

    Just stop. Mansplaining is downright degrading and patronisation of the highest form, womansplaining doesn’t even exist.

    Is this satire or are you an idiot? Serious question.

  116. Your dissection does speak to stupidity, as well as ignorance, just not in the way you had intended.
    Firstly, your safe space argument could be used to define the phrase ‘reductio ad absurdum’. Having male, or female, only spaces may not be useful to the majority, but we proclaim to be a society that seeks to support minority groups as well. Claiming that the existence of such a space will lead to total segregation, is no more ridiculous than the suggestion that without a wall, America will become Northern Mexico. One or two safe spaces will affect no-one but those they benefit.
    As to your statement regarding prostate cancer and the limited support available within university services. The core role of a rep relates specifically to this type of issue, in that a rep highlights issues affecting students at university level, and seeks the development of appropriate support. Physical health, sexual health and mental health are all relevant subjects, which may all need addressing in different ways for people with different gender identities. BTW, having the gumption to tell people to ‘Get some balls’, before going on to deride ‘mansplaining, severely weakens your argument; but hey, on we go.
    You might not be aware, perhaps because there hasn’t been a male rep to highlight the issue, but there are problems associated with the risk of suicide and depression affecting men of all ages. Yes the university has excellent support services, but how do you know that those excellent services are effective in tackling any predominantly male issues? Especially if the voices of those affected are lost in and amongst a raft of unrelated issues.
    P.S. Not everyone with a mental health concern will consider it to be a disability, regardless of what banner someone else puts it under. Having two reps would mean people have two choices.
    Now on to non-binary and gendered appearance. Let me get this straight, you think this issue only applies for male to female transition? Or are you suggesting that the ‘Women’s rep’ would also represent people transitioning from female to male. No wait, are you actually saying that it would be acceptable for a person transitioning to female, to have more support available to them than someone transitioning from female to male.
    As for the trans rep. What if the trans man is experiencing issues that affect men. Can he garner support from his male colleagues and take it to his trans rep? or do you think that might be an issue for a male rep?
    The male rep could also work with the university to ensure that male victims of domestic abuse (be that males abused by either a male or female partner) to ensure that the university environment is supportive, and does not retraumatise male victims with its policies; by doing things like forcing males to share rooms with other males on organised trips etc…
    P.S. We have this type of support for women and we don’t and shouldn’t be sending them off site to deal with this type of issue either.
    As for your comments on male/female dominated courses. You seem to be suggesting in your statement that the university labelled a course as creative or emotional after it became ‘female dominated’. Also, you appear convinced that emotion or creativity are feminine and therefore lesser traits. Why?
    The simple fact is, we can’t have equality if we are not treated, and represented in the same way, but we can’t always be represented the same way by the same person. More reps, more representation, more chance to be heard.
    To sum up, your misandrous attitude sickens me, I object to the way in which you can so freely proliferate such distain within the student community and I just wish that we had a rep who could let the university know that some of us think something should be done about attitudes like yours.

  117. As a female I am ashamed, this article is discusting, sexist and every point you have made on why there shouldnt be a male rep can be completely flipped as to why maybe we shouldnt have a female rep. Would you say to a female who doesnt have all parts of their anatomy due to cancer oh your not a real woman now, thats basically what saying grow some balls means. Who are you to define what someone elses safe space should be, surely individuals are the ones to know where they feel safe. Why is it that you feel women are entitled to a female rep because of opression in the past and currently but yet a male isnt. Who is the opressor now?

  118. If I may, I would like to add a couple of things to this list that, whilst being issues that women also experience, are issues that are thought to affect men in different ways to women and could therefore require a unique approach when tackling.
    The issues I would like to add include:

    Parenting difficulties – possibly those experienced after relationship breakdowns.

    Bullying and difficulties in reporting concerns.

    Discrimination – perhaps tackling stereotypical notions which suggest that many men are potentially violent, predatory, abusive and/or controlling.

    Sexual harassment and the chance to dispel any myths surrounding men’s views on uninvited sexual contact.


  119. You may have a good future writing similar garbage for buzzfeed in the future. Complete verbal diarrhoea. Who’s idea was it to publish this nonsense?

    Michael Christopher gibbons is a con artist and a nasty horrible human , he lies, he’s deceitful and is an elusive individual who tries using the law to intimidate you, I’m a contractor based in Preston and have done some works on his properties round Preston and the condition these properties are in is disgusting! I’ve reported him to the council and trading standards. People need to be made aware of this individual! He preys on the younger generation as a way of bullying and condescending you as he thinks you don’t know the law, I could say a lot more about this person but I’d be going down to his pathetic level.

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