Merry Craftmas!

Jack Evans - Reporter

Christmas decorations

There are many creative projects you can do for Christmas and in this article we explore how you can make your own Christmas crackers and gift tags.

Creating your Christmas crackers

You will need: empty cardboard tubes (one per cracker and an additional 2), wrapping paper or coloured paper and small novelty items (one for each cracker), a pencil, scissors and decorative ribbons/tape.

  1. Cut a piece of wrapping paper or paper the length of the three cardboard tubes and wide enough to wrap around the tubes 3-4 times.
  2. Place your novelty item inside the central tube and place another tube at each end to make one long tube.
  3. Roll the carboard tubes up tightly in the paper.
  4. Gently pull out each end roll about 1” so that there is a gap of unsupported wrapping paper.
  5. Twist this section of wrapping paper and tie off with coloured tape or a ribbon. Repeat this for the other end.
  6. Finally pull out the outer cardboard tubes.
  7. Add any finishing decorations or stickers to the cracker.

Creative inspiration: Empty kitchen roll centres make excellent tubes, cut each one in half to make smaller crackers or leave whole for one large cracker. You can also buy cracker sticks which give the noise when a cracker is pulled and these are available in most craft shops. If you want to personalise the cracker even further why not use crafting letters to dedicate a cracker to a specific person?

Creating your gift tags

You will need: old Christmas cards, blank gift tags, coloured marker pens, scissors, glue and decorative ribbons/tape.

Gift tags can be a great way to add a more personal touch to standard wrapping paper and really make your gift stand out from the crowd. You can make use of old Christmas cards by cutting out images or text. If you use Christmas cards and the back is blank then you can just write your message directly onto the tag and stick it to the present – job sorted.

If you want to get more artistic, you can buy standard blank gift tags at most card shops or even stores such as Poundland. You can glue letters, images or decorate with marker pens, creating a stylish accessory for any present.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative!


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