Natalie Bennett To Step Down as Leader of Green Party

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Within the last hour, it has been announced that Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, is to step down.

Bennett, who took over from Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion in 2012 after winning a hotly contested leadership election, said that after establishing her party as a national force, she acknowledges that she is not a “spin-trained, lifelong politician”, and would therefore be resigning.

Lucas, who has also been a Member of the European Parliament, is expected to win a leadership election, if she were to stand again.

The Green Party have had a strange performance history in recent elections – Just a week ago, the Greens lost three of their Councillors, and in the 2015 General Election, although widely expected to claim Bristol West and Norwich South from the Liberal Democrats, only managed to hold onto their single seat – Brighton Pavilion. But their vote share is now stronger than ever before – something very few expected with the election of Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party.

Bennett said,

“We’ve very much grown up [under my leadership], and developed and become a truly national party. We are now spread right across the country.”

The Green Candidate for Mayor of London, Siân Berry, is also expected to contend for the newly vacated Leader role.

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